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  1. Server needs a restart anways., let me add your resource and see if i can reproduce it. Will edit later to inform of result. Update: Added the resource, didn't get any callouts. Removed the callout, still didn't get any call outs. I think this version of FivePD is just broken.
  2. Hey Bogi, My server is Linux (a ZapHosting one). I tried the first time with the previous version, and then once I saw you updated to fix Linux server problems I added it again, I do not currently have any screenshots, but I'm thinking maybe it's just correlating to the issue some people have been having with the newest FivePD version. I am currently running 1.0.4 I will attempt another shot here later today. (Hopefully the naders don't take me out tonight xD)
  3. I've tried two separate times now and I cannot get this to work, I've installed it precisely as explained and when I do I no longer receive call outs and I cannot access my CAD. Once I remove your resource everything goes back to normal.
  4. Hey guys, it seems like with the newest release some stuff got janked up. We had these issues as well. Try restarting your server and see if that helps. Also, for the time being, try using 12 as your day that works for us.
  5. Awesome. Its not a huge problem, for the most part, if others are having this problem. Do all you need to do first, reports, fines, etc. And instead of jailing them or towing their car, cancel the callout. That seems to work for me, and now that I write this I see its posted on the update thread.
  6. Had this happen to me. Make sure the database name in your json file is the same name as your zap database.
  7. Apologies if this has already been addressed elsewhere. I looked for a good hour before making a post. Currently, when myself or other players answer a callout they are unable to cancel the callout when either the PED has been arrested (handed off to transport, or brought to the jail) or when the PED car has been towed. Does anyone else have this issue, and is there a possible fix/work around? I have noticed that up until that point of removing the PED (arresting or sending off with transport) the callout can still be cancelled.

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