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  1. Perfect!! Thanks for the update. ?
  2. What about having an option for making the computer 'windowed' so I could still see the outer edge of the game screen allowing for my nearest postal script to display while the computer is open?
  3. It would make writing reports much easier if the nearest postal were displayed on the computer screen. Or even if the field just automatically populated based on your location.
  4. Yes it works when I remove the callouts. If I have only the stock callouts it works. I haven't gone through each callout individually yet to see if only some or all are causing the problem.
  5. No significant errors that I can tell on my end.
  6. I am having the same exact problem. I was adding callouts and the MDT stopped loading after that. I deleted all callouts and loaded only the default ones from the release files. Now the MDT works again. So not sure if this is a specific callout but somehow adding callouts broke the MDT/CAD.
  7. I had the same problem. I fixed it by changing the name of the FivePD folder in resources to 'fivepd' (all lowercase) and then changing server.cfg to 'start fivepd' instead of 'start FivePD'.
  8. UPDATE: Fixed issue by changing the resource package from FivePD to fivepd and changing server.cfg from start FivePD to start fivepd I don't know what exactly is case sensitive between the database and the mod files though. SQL shouldn't be case sensitive so it must be something else in the code. Anyways, I am glad to have fixed this! Feel free to close this out as solved.
  9. I am having issues getting the MDT to work. The server is setup using zap hosting. FivePD has launched fine. I am able to go on-duty and whatnot. I have triple checked the config.json that it matches the database. I went in to the database and set myself as admin but when I attempt to create a department I get an error. From this point I can't close the MDT. Any ideas what is wrong here?

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