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  1. I want to point out that the server is running on linux FiveM, going to try windows FiveM to see if that makes a difference.
  2. I can change the display name, but the DB name remains the same withing phpmyadmin
  3. I can't rename databases within Zap, so the database name is that of what is created in zap-hosting.
  4. I even payed for a new server, and followed the tutorial again, still the same errors. Screenshots attached, if you need anything else let me know. Do want to point out that I am getting FivePD splash screen upon joining server in FiveM.
  5. Yes, and that's what I thought. Not getting anything populating in that table, and can't open anything in game. The game starts as thought FivePD isn't started. But it is This is after following your tutorial just now. Still throwing same error.
  6. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. As far as i'm aware(there a way to check or verify connection to database? Can connect to it with Heidi on Desktop, same settings are in config.json. Should database populate with anything upon startup of server or user joining server? 4. Yes
  7. It's something with the DLL's themselves guys. Probably going to have to wait until someone else comes forward with the same issue and a solution, or wait until the next version comes out.
  8. I've tried everything, still getting those errors on the CalloutManagerServer, and the scripts. Hope someone will have an answer tomorrow.
  9. You put them up through zap-hosting? if so what FiveM version? lastest FivePD version?
  10. See attached screenshot, im not starting anything other than FivePD in server.cfg

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