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  1. This is an application free server, where you are able to be and do anything, civilian, LEO, and Fire stuff is avaliable!
  2. @M. Gordon | 202I found that reseting the bot token works for this problem. As we removed it and had it rejoin, redid the token and it worked after that.
  3. 09/02/2020 - This is the latest bug that we have found to be a bit of an issue. It kicks players and AI peds out of their vehicles randomly every couple seconds or even minutes. Reference Screenshot for example below. It is only something that happens randomly. Has aggravated several players, but we tell them to wait till a patch or update comes out that fixes it. I wanna say I have cleared about over 50 scenes of this thinking it is players leaving it around. The only reason I know it's FivePD when stopping and disabling the resource completely, it doesn't happen anymore. Thanks for taking the time to look and read about this, keep up the good work! ?
  4. Sounds good, thank you for this update, now to wait for the bans to be lifted since all our servers got banned. ?
  5. As you've said this is working for everyone else, we instead opted to not use it and completely remove the FivePD bot from our Discord. Appreciate you guys looking into it, but ain't gonna use it with it not working. Thanks for the updates, and keep up the great work with the FivePD project! ~AlaskaPD Board of Director, Demon
  6. In the recent FivePD update that brought the disable code 99, even though this is set to TRUE we still have people able to access and press and use Code 99 options. Would also like to see a feature to disable Dispatch so that way the server can be cleaned and left a lot longer than having all these mission entities sitting around doing nothing. /fdv, /fdo, and /fdp do not work as intended. /fdp works to delete the ped but brings it back, same with /fdo. /fdv never worked.
  7. We opened port 1000 TCP/UDP, still reading 0's all the way across. Exempt "playtime". That's the only thing updating. *Edit: Restarted server and still no statistics.
  8. This is what happens when I do either /fdv or /fpd in the server with a known mission entity. Idea is to be able to delete every single entity your entity or not.
  9. Unsure if a feature like this could be implemented, but a way to delete mission entities from other players. Server that have constant traffic with some players that don't clean up corner, medics, Fire & tow and possibly other stuff spawned through the "G" menu within FivePD. If we were able to clear these entities I feel it would require less maintenance towards the server, in terms of having to restart it every single time a player may forget to clean up their spawned stuff, such as listened above items... This way we can clear the map of entities not needed, or all entities if a server is empty, or a way to just simply clear out all mission entities all together.
  10. If you wanted to look into this issue, wouldn't it be easier to test this through the Discord it isn't working in? Just a thought.
  11. Unsure if it's our guild or what not, but everything is set to true all the way up to DisableCode99 which can still be activated.
  12. We do not get any notifications when going on or off duty. Or anything else that was supposed to be featured with this bot.
  13. Have had the bot for about a week now, it has updated the amount of time onduty/playtime but doesn't account for anything else? Unsure if we did anything wrong and what not, but I am sure we set everything up the way it was intended I hope. Any help would be wonderful on this.
  14. Have had no issues since the update of, but updating to 1.1.3 anyways, and will report bugs as they come in! Thank you for the dedication to the project Daniel! ? And everyone else on the GPM team.

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