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  1. its not the fivepd api if you go into noclip you can see that the fire spawns under the ground.
  2. @97mhensleydid you renablle it afterwards?
  3. I seem to have the same issue with callouts they were working fine untill i restarted the server then just nothing seems to load. @97mhensleydid you have any luck with disabling all the other ones fixing the issue?
  4. I seem to be getting an error only on occasion when accepting some of the call outs. This is only on occassion so far noticed it with the robbery in progress callout as well as the fare evader causes the peds not so spawn.
  5. Cant get callout to genereate. But discord post is working. Using 1.3.1
  6. How will this work with 1.1 most callouts being in folders. do we just drop the folder and it merges the dll
  7. Seem to be having an issue with the newest version of fire script with structure fires i see smoke but no fire. When i downgraded the version to a previous version of fire script it worked.
  8. Ive been getting invalid charges error when using the pack with the citation amounts I haven't looked into it much to see if its happening with the other pack as well or not.
  9. Have you tried cancelling the traffic stop holding left shift for 5 seconds
  10. Use code admin where it says admin key or in the mysql database set yourself in users to is admin 1

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