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  1. I'm getting the same error when creating any report. Mind telling me what you did to fix it?
  2. They should be. I'm not the greatest at setting up databases, but other FivPD things like charges.json and the callout config file were successfully loaded so I think I set it up right. I'll check firewalls and blocked IPs.
  3. Ubuntu 18 VPS using PHPmyadmin to access it. Other databases are good, other ones in FivePD, just not the department one.
  4. FIVEPD VERSION CURRENTLY INSTALLED ON YOUR SERVER: FIVE-M SERVER VERSION CURRENTLY INSTALLED ON YOUR SERVER: 1868 WHAT TYPE OF FIVEM SERVER ARE YOU RUNNING: Onesyc SERVER HARDWARE: PROCESSOR: 2 core RAM: 6gb OPERATING SYSTEM: Ubuntu 18.04 WHEN DID THE ISSUE OCCUR: When starting the server for the first time BEST DESCRIBE THE ISSUE YOU ARE HAVING: Trying to launch server. FivePD resource won't start [ FivePD ] An error has occured: Invalid type for database.port (Expected: Integer | Received: String [ FivePD ] An error has occured: Could not load the departments from the database. Message: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object DESCRIBE WHAT WAS GOING ON RIGHT BEFORE AND UP TO THE ERROR OR BUG OCCURRING: [Describe here. Be as detailed as possible.] Literally just installing, third time with this issue IF YOU CAN / HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE ON THE SERVER? 0 IF YOU CAN / ADD ANY LOGS OR SERVER CONSOLE INFO HERE: [Insert media(s) here. Make sure to censor sensitive information like database login credentials and etc.] ANY OTHER COMMENTS / STATEMENTS / OR RELATIVE INFORMATION: Not the greatest with SQL, but I feel like i should be able to troubleshoot well. Thanks!

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