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  1. Hello, for my fivepd server I want to do trainings to rank up. How would I go about that? I dotn want them to level up on their own or for me or another admin.
  2. I changed the flag and it began working
  3. Sorry, I went away. I am checking right now
  4. Hello, I tried what people have said for addons vehicle in mdt. My problem is that all my addon cars will not open the mdt. I found out that when i get replacements of sherif, fbi, etc that are already in the game the mdt works. I tried changing the handling id to sheriff and fbi2. If you have any more ideas please help.
  5. How would I go about getting custom uniforms for fivepd? (vests, different sheriff and police shirts, etc)
  6. I just got the server yester day and i got the newest one, i dont know the one. and i also got
  7. Where would I go about to get a fivepd speed radar? I've been bugs, jeff and others use it in their recent fivepd videos. And how would I hook it up?
  8. Hello, I recently got custom cars for fivepd and i have them show up in the menu to spawn but when I get in them the computer does not work
  9. ricobonz


    I know in lspdfr you could add a k9 script where you could spawn a k9 and they could attack and stuff for you. Is it possible to use a k9 script in fivepd?
  10. I don't completely know if this is for fivepd but how would I go about adding a graphics mod into the server (better sunsets, etc)?
  11. But then how would others be able to see it if i don't stream it to the server?
  12. So, in lspdfr you could add radiance mods and stuff to make the lights look better. Can you do that but server side in fivepd?
  13. I tried to add the cars but i did not work for me, idk if i did it wrong or what not

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