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  1. From the author: "These were skinned using Redneck and XBR Vehicles, as stated above I will make them fit whatever vehicle you are using if needed."
  2. Congratulations on 2 years of FivePD! I am very much looking forward to the future content about FivePD 2.0! Great work team @FiveTwelve@Natixco @Daniel K.@Meat!
  3. Thank you everyone for being a good sport on April's Fool Day
  4. So pleased to be apart of this amazing project !
  5. This content has featured by the GPM Public Relations Team. We feature content that is good quality and/or shows community interest. Keep up the great work!
  6. "Staff-Mas" Wrap Up Thank you all for supporting our wonder staff members, developers, and management team! GPM Staff-Mas may be out of days but I would encourage everyone to go to each of these threads and drop a like and/or a comment thanking the person featured. They all work incredibly hard and deserve some recognition! Day 1 - @mike_art03a: Day 2 - @A Stranger: Day 3 - @Daniel K. @Natixco: Day 4 - @Alex W.: Day 5 - @TF1A3: Day 6 - @FiveTwelve: Day 7 - @Lucky Designs: Day 8 - @Christopher: Day 9 - @Smanbg: Day 10 - @Meat: Day 11 - @TheCipher01: Day 12 - @Ray: Merry Christmas to you all!
  7. Ray @Ray loves gaming and anything that involves technology. One of his biggest hobbies is cryptocurrencies, and of course, GTA modding. Ray enjoys spending time with family, friends, and loves to travel! What inspired you to revamp GPM? "I've always felt that the GTA community needed a place where developers can feel appreciated. Not to say that other communities similar to GPM don't do that; however, here at GPM, we take the extra initiative by helping all developers, big or small, grow their audience. I've also wanted to start a community that incentivized people in becoming a member. For example, we hold many giveaways and charity events for all to join. We also take pride in interacting with all of our great members. I also used to be a member of the original GTAPoliceMods back in 2009 and really enjoyed the way the community was run. Ultimately, GTAPoliceMods, in my opinion, is one of the only communities that put its members and developers first." Why do you feel the GPM Staff Team stands out as opposed to other teams? "The GTAPoliceMods Staff Team is incredible. There is no other way to put it. I am so fortunate to have a fantastic group of people who assists with this great community's day-to-day operations. Everyone from Public Relations up to Management plays a crucial role in the continuity of the community. Also, a massive shoutout to our Development Team, who work tirelessly to build new features of the site and help develop FivePD. They indeed have been an enormous help to the growth and development of this community. Finally, having a staff team that is impartial and balanced is always essential for any community. No one wants a staff team that is "power-hungry" or "ego-centric." I can say with great confidence that all of our staff members are always putting the community's best interest in mind." What do you like most about the holiday season? "Family! This is the time of year when I see most of my family members. I also enjoy all the festivities that come with this time of year. I feel like everyone is always in such a good mood this time of year, which puts me in a great mood." Thank you Ray for everything you have done! This amazing community is here because of your dream. It has been a pleasure knowing you this year and some odd months, here's to many more. Thank you again!
  8. TheCipher01 @TheCipher01is a GPM Community Administrator and the interim/de-facto Community Team Lead. He comes from the land of corn, (Iowa) hence the "corn mafia" in his discord profile. He is a junior in college majoring in MIS and slowly counting down the days he has left till graduation. He has always enjoyed playing PC games from the earliest days of playing Minecraft in middle school to playing GTA, first person shooter games, even farming simulator, basically he's "a computer nerd" (his words not mine). Cipher been interested in computers longer than he has been playing games on them. Cipher said "I remember when I was younger taking apart our old desktops and putting them back together for endless entertainment." Aside from computers he is an avid football fan, he enjoys watching college, or the NFL doesn't matter to him, he can sit down and enjoy a good game of football whenever and could talk about it for a while with pretty much anyone. What brought you to GPM? "The thing that brought me to GPM was FivePD, more specifically Buggs' first video back after his hiatus from YouTube. I remember being bored during my now virtual class and seeing twitter go crazy that Buggs was back and playing something called FivePD. I decided I would download it then and set it up on a server for some friends and I to mess around with. From there I just stuck around GPM both the forums and discord helping people with FivePD issues where I could and eventually applied to join the CT team." What is your favorite GTA Game and why? "I think my favorite GTA game would probably be GTA V simply because of FiveM and that's really the only reason I got into GTA. My friend had gotten me GTAIV as a gift and we played the multiplayer for a while, and thought it would be fun to do with GTA V/FiveM and I had been watching Buggs' old videos at the time so I was interested. Ironically I've only played portions of the GTA V missions at a friends house and never actually played it myself, something I plan to fix in the future when I have more free time." What do you like most about the holiday season? "The thing I like most about the holiday season is just being able to see family members I don't get to see every day and visit with them and catch up on their lives. Obviously the break from school is nice as well, everyone needs that break once in a while. Overall though just having that time to spend with friends and family is the best part of the holiday season for me." What is your favorite Non-GTA Game and why? "My favorite non-GTA game is a hard question to answer for me because I have so many games I enjoy. If I had to pick one it would probably be Minecraft, the block game that I grew up playing all through middle school and a good portion of high school. I have met some of my best online friends through Minecraft and been able to stay in touch with friends as they go to college because of it. Terraria is a close second favorite. Though it is tough for me to say for certain ever when asked this because I play so many fun games that I enjoy thoroughly." We asked @A StrangerWhat is your best memory of you and Cipher , and what are some other examples of why you like working with them? "Oh boy. I feel like Cipher and I really love warnings. We both invest a lot of time and effort into writing them and always investigate the crap out of them. One thing I remember in particular was, me giving a warning to (someone) after I joined the Community Team and Cipher tagging me with a (Judge Snaily) emote, basically taking the piss out of me for giving a warning for non-existing author credits. It's a love-hate relationship." We asked @Conway(Hey that's me!): What do you like working with @TheCipher01? "Wow, where do I start - when NorthCam told us we would be getting another member of the then-called "Administrative Support" Division of the Community Team; I was extremely happy to hear it was Cipher. He brings such a great feel to the team, it's always nice to have someone dedicated, but also someone you can joke around about Russian Spammers and Tungsten Dealers with. I always enjoy our crazy antics and you incredible view point on (most) matters. I won't talk about our Corn Debate 2021." Thank you Cipher for everything you do for the GPM Community and the Community Team! It has been an amazing opportunity working alongside you. Raise your corn husks high to many more months!
  9. Meat Meat/Pierre is one of the newer members of GTAPoliceMods Development Studios. Outside of GPM he is working as Technical Lead for a Berlin based startup. He considers himself a gamer and modder. In the past he has done a lot in the ArmA Franchise; some examples are: ArmA 2 DayZ Battle Royale and ACE on ArmA III. How do you like working on FivePD? "I do like working on FivePD there is a lot to do!" Meat is busy with his current job however he did mention that he is "looking to make more room for it in the next year". What is your favorite Non-GTA Game and why? "iRacing I think? It is competitive and a lot of fun." What's at the top of your Christmas/Holiday List? "Time with my Girlfriend as she is currently abroad working in healthcare in Portugal but coming to visit over the holidays." What do you look forward to in the New Year? "Less stressful work, hopefully!" We asked @FiveTwelve: What do you feel Meat brings to the team, how is it working with him as a "new" member to the team? "Our Development Team is one of a kind, with each of its members bringing their unique talents to the table. Meat is a great asset to the GPM community. His expertise in his roles helps us deliver the best experience that we can to our members and guests." Thank you for your contributions to the FivePD addon! I look forward to seeing what is coming in the next year!
  10. Smanbg @Smanbg is a long-time Community Team Moderator! He resides in the Eastern European country of Bulgaria. Currently he is attending High School for the last year, and he is hoping to graduate in May of 2022. English is not his first language but he likes to think he's pretty fluent in it. (I think so too) He usually hangs out with people from other countries on daily basis, considering most of them friends, and being glad to classify a good amount of them as "best friends,". Simply because he has found that he don't really share the interests of his fellow Bulgarians. What brought you to GPM? "I gained interest in vehicle development and I decided to make an account on GPM in January of 2020, alongside a couple of other forums, such as MU and MF, however, I decided to stick around in GPM as it did not appear as mainstream as, for instance -- LCPDFR, and overall appeared like a better place, which I am now glad to confirm that it is." What do I like most about the holiday season? "I like the holidays because of the national traditions Bulgaria employs as an "Orthodox-Christian" country. It simply makes the holidays feel very special, especially because all of those traditions involve family." Do you have any strange/wacky/unique holiday traditions? "During the holidays, I like watching Home Alone, Grinch, and a couple of other Christmas-themed movies that I remember from my childhood. I guess they make me nostalgic towards the good moments I've had with distant and other family members, whom I no longer have the chance to spend time with." What do you look forward to in the New Year? "The main thing I'm looking forward to in the New Year is (hopefully) graduating High School and actually finding a direction in life, deciding what I want to do for a living, and getting to doing it." Wow, can't believe all those months ago, we became Community Moderators! Thank you for your dedication and hard work that you've put in all those many months! I look forward to many more to come!
  11. Christopher Christopher (a.k.a Inferno), is a GPM Community Consultant. Outside of GPM, he is coding hobbyist, volunteer firefighter, and nursing student. He spends most of his days either studying or practicing nursing. When he is not doing nurse related things, he is playing video games and/or coding. Most of what he code revolves around FiveM; in previous years he used to release a lot of Fire & EMS related resources, nowadays, however, with his increased real-life workload he unfortunately do not have the time to release as many resources as he would like. What brought you to GPM? "I discovered GPM back in late 2019 through a GTA V modding Discord. I recall joining the GPM Discord, and immediately having issues verifying myself with the bot; good ol' Ray had to come to my rescue before the bot kicked me. Since I mostly associate myself with Fire & EMS related GTA "things", GTA *Police* Mods did not offer anything for me specifically, but I was not after anything; I just thought the community was cool, and it was nice being a part of what was effectively a brand new community at the time." What is your favorite Non-GTA Game and why? "My favorite non-GTA game, by far, is Telltale Games' The Walking Dead (if you could not tell from my Steam Profile). I fell in love with the characters and storyline, and wanted nothing more than to sit down after a hard day's work and be a badass as Clementine. As a developer, I appreciated the change in the quality of the games as they got newer, and have even tried my hand at creating a game of my own as a direct result." As a Developer, what is your favorite creation and why? "Regarding my own creations, I find that I ~~hate~~ like them all equally, but the most ambitious project I ever worked on was my Fire Alarm resource. This was actually one of the first scripts I ever wrote for FiveM, so I have a love/hate relationship with it. It helped me learn a lot of the concepts back in the day, but now it is so old and decrepit that if I was to work on it again (which I would like to, one day), I would want to start from scratch, and it would likely be in C# this time; LUA is okay, but for a project of that size it gets a bit hectic without Types." What do you look forward to in the New Year? "In the New Year I am "looking forward" to my clinical placements; being my final year of nursing I am sure they will be "fun", but once they are out of the way it should be smooth-ish sailing from there." Thank you for everything you do for our community. I'm glad we have your expertise to guide us and allow us to continue and develop in the best way possible.
  12. Lucky Designs LuckyDesigns is a Community Team Moderator, he has been around various online gaming communities for around 12 years now. Additionally, he has been engaged in a number of modding communities for various game titles for that time both as a user and creator. Outside of gaming, he is a huge history nerd and photography enthusiast. He also said that he "enjoy long walks on the beach and…" What do you like most about the GPM Community? "It’s simple: GPM puts a huge focus on the community, and engaging with both users and creators in meaningful and unique ways. This mentality often reaches back into the community itself as well, where I’ve often seen a number of folks helping out one another — whether it be troubleshooting their problems, or sharing techniques and methods for mod creation, it’s a place that’s friendly, welcoming, and inviting for all." What brought you to GPM? "I originally signed up for GPM during the original sites tenure in the earlier days, when SA:MP was prominent. Once I had left SA:MP, my involvement in the community dwindled until GPM went through its rebirth period, to which I now blame my good friend ykcir30 for getting me back into the GTA modding community. When coming back, I wasn’t sure what sites were around anymore, after all it had been what felt like an eternity. I did finally settle in at GPM in 2020, when I rediscovered that sense of community that I discussed earlier — it’s quite charming." What’s at the top of your Holiday list? "A new home! Our first home! We’ve recently started the process of putting in offers and wow — I don’t think I’ve been this stressed ever. I’m sure anyone else out there dealing with the current real estate market in the US can relate. Beyond that, I’m really just hoping for good health for those around me and myself, in addition to maintaining hope and wishes that the new year will be better than the last." What do you look forward to in the New Year? "With every new year comes new experiences, and I am always excited to see what comes of them. Ideally, one of those will be discovering the joys and woes of home ownership. Also, the World Cup — we’ll be supporting France and USA in my home. " Thank you for your dedication to the Community Team! We wish you the best of luck and congratulations on your hunt for houses!
  13. FiveTwelve FiveTwelve is the Director of GPMDS, which stems from years of experience working within software development and related areas. His first contact with the staff team of GTAPoliceMods came about from a software bug on the GTAPoliceMods.com website, foreshadowing the transformation of his future position "all too well". Today, he manages technical operations within GPM, from software engineering to product development and infrastructure management. Currently he and the team are working hard to do things differently than other online communities. FiveTwelve highlights: "I’m proud to be a part of that shift." How do you like working on FivePD, what are the best/worst parts? "Working with our development team and the greater community as a whole on projects like FivePD has been nothing but rewarding. We have one of the best communities around, with an excellent and dedicated staff team at its service. Development is always a creative process thanks to the flexibility we’re given by our players, and seeing their support and reaction to our work is priceless. The worst part of working on FivePD is simple: there are so many promising features coming down the line that it’s hard to avoid sharing them all. Soon!" What is at the top of your holiday list? "One thing tops my list for this season: successful implementation of one of the biggest changes to our platform for this year. Oh—and a new amp for my car…" Last Month, we announced about a whole rewrite of FivePD, what makes you most excited for that? "I’m most excited to see what our community can do with the new opportunities in the next version of FivePD. Keep an eye out on GPM, more info will be around in the coming weeks." We asked @Ray: "What is your best memory of you and Michael, and what are some other examples of why you like working with him?" "One of the best moments between myself and FiveTwelve was when he became the Director of GTAPoliceMods Development Studios. FiveTwelve has played a significant role in developing many of our website's frontend plugins and backend plugins with the addition of managing the Development Team with FivePD. Without FiveTwelve, we would not have all these fantastic custom features on the site and our Discord server." Thank you for everything you do for the site, discord, GPM community, and FivePD community!
  14. TF1A3 TF1A3 is a Public Relations Team member. Outside he is a 911 Dispatcher and EMT. He works for a local ambulance company in NY. Before that he was a Correctional Officer for the State of Vermont. This past year, He discovered EUP and Livery Development and which is what he pursues within the GPM and FiveM community. What brought you to GPM? "I found GPM by coincidence by searching for models online. GPM seemed like a new community when I found it and decided I wanted to be apart of it. I remember uploading my first file to GPM and thought it was so cool I could make it exclusive to GPM. So then I decided to be a exclusive developer for GPM and upload all my files to GPM only." As someone in Emergency Services, what do you like most and least about it? "As for the emergency field, I enjoy the field work because I feel like I'm doing something for my community and it's also something I feel is important to me and to the company but most importantly the patients. I cant say I enjoy the long hours of 12 hour shifts, 6 days on and 1 day off but for the majority of the patients it makes the job worth it in the end. As for being a dispatcher it's another part of the field that I think is the most important part of the emergency field because we're in charge of organizing units and getting emergency units to the scenes as quickly and as efficiently as possible." What do you like most about the holiday season? "I like the time I can spend with family and friends and just coming together and giving gifts to one another." What do you look forward to in the New Year? "I hope the New Year allows GPM to grow bigger and stronger as a community as well as seeing new Developers come to GPM and showing off their talented designs and models to the FiveM community and the GPM community." Thank you for your service to your community as someone in the Emergency Services. On GPM, thank you for your dedication to the Content Team, I look forward to seeing what you can do on the Public Relations Team!
  15. Alex W. @Alex W. is a long time GPM member and a Community Team Moderator! His GTA modding journey started, like many others, in GTA IV. Alex found some YouTube videos on LCPDFR and decided to try it out for himself. With LSPDFR, he started making liveries in late 2019, and decided to pursue that more in 2021. Outside of that, Alex will occasionally try to speedrun games, and he hopes to do more of that in the future. What brought you to GPM and become staff? "I originally made my account in December of 2019 because one of my favorite developers, @LimDesign, started uploading their stuff here. I started really being active around February 2021 when I started making liveries again. I decided to apply for staff in July 2021 because I loved the community and wanted to be more involved, then became staff in August." What is your favorite Non-GTA Game and why? "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. It’s not the most story-driven game, but I can play it for hours on end without getting bored." What do you like most about the holiday season? "You get to spend time with your family, you get time off from work or school, and there’s a nice vibe around the holiday season that I can’t really explain." What do you look forward to in the New Year? "Definitely the updated FivePD version. From the November News, the future looks great for FivePD and I can’t wait for the updates." Thank you for your hard work over these past couple of months! I can say with certain the team loves the energy and good vibes you give off. It always makes @Rayand I smile when you interact with community which you do extremely often. Thank you again, keep up the amazing work! (I'm very glad you didn't put in that you were peer-pressured into being staff by me and @TheCipher01)
  16. Natixco @Natixco is one of the original FivePD co-creators and is now a member of the GTAPoliceMods Development Studios. He is a front-end developer, and enjoys creating fast and beautiful apps, while trying to write quality code. Although he describes himself as "just a regular developer who plays and codes all day long". He always strives to learn new technologies and creative designs to deepen his knowledge in more fields. What brought you to create FivePD? "We were playing on some PoliceRP server where you could only drive Impalas with the lowest rank, couldn't really interact with peds, their custom MDT didn't work and we thought we not just try to make our own version of this but better!" What's at the top of your Christmas/Holiday List? "Logitech G29" How does it feel to see FivePD where it's at now and where it's going, since you first started 2 years ago? "It's really good to see how much it improved and that there are so much players, couldn't even imagine this!" What do you look forward to in the New Year? "Hopefully we'll be able to continue rewriting FivePD, so it'll be completely bug free and I'd like to make some new features also to bring FivePD to the top." Thank you Patrik for all you do for FivePD! I know many players including myself have enjoyed your creation! I look forward to everything that is upcoming!
  17. Daniel K. Daniel K. is one of the original FivePD co-creators and is now a member of the GTAPoliceMods Development Studios. In terms of coding Daniel knows C#, C++, JavaScript, CSS, along with some other languages. Daniel is often depicted in GPM Related GIFs as "Daniel K." just as a bystander. What brought you to create FivePD? Originally, we wanted to play LSPDFR in Co-Op. Obviously, we couldnt. We didn't even know about FiveM back then. A friend of mine once introduced me to this online community, FiveM. There was a small "RP" like server where we were playing. It also had LSPDFR like features, but it was buggy and didn't have many features. After that, we decided to make our own just for fun. It took us about 2 to 3 weeks to make the very first (and buggy) "working version". How does it feel to see FivePD where it's at now and where it's going, since you first started 2 years ago? "I wish I had a little more time to work on new features and fixes. Hopefully, I will be able to invest more of my free-time soon." Daniel is also looking forward to the re-write being completed, so they can continuing working on it. We asked @Natixco: How do you like working with Daniel K. as a "partner-in-crime"? "Well we (have) known each other since high school, we have too many funny memories lmao" Thank you Daniel for everything you've done with FivePD! I know myself many FivePD Players/Fans are glad you decided to make FivePD; just over 2 years ago today.
  18. A Stranger @A Strangeris one of GPM's Community Administrators. Stranger is one of the nicest people I have encountered, she tries her hardest to make people whole again. Though she says it "might not always work..." She also notes, "We can always try." Stranger often "hangs on her PC way too long" and "then vanishes to be an undercover super-hero". What brought you to GPM? "As a part of the RPH server, I always hanging around Grand Theft Auto. When FivePD was introduced, some staff members and I decided to open our own FiveM | FivePD server for the RPH-community to enjoy. As part of that project, we got quite involved with FivePD and its community; especially the staff members. Realizing what I have been doing on RPH could translate over to GPM, I tried my luck, applied and got the job." What do you like most about the holiday season? "The atmosphere. The familiarity. People coming together to celebrate whatever and just forgetting about the trauma of life. It's the giving; the appreciation and the love for life." Do you have any strange/wacky/unique holiday traditions? "Not sure if anyone defines that as wacky or strange but it's definitely unique. I visit the places I used to spend as a child with those I have lost. While they are not with me anymore, in memory I will always carry them." We asked @Conway one of her fellow Community Administrator's what it's like working with Stranger, here's what he (me/I) said: "I had the pleasure of not only being apart of the decision making process to select Stranger as a GPM Community, but also the pleasure to break the great news to her. From Day 1, as a Testing Team Member and Community Team Member, Stranger was always the first and most eager to help anyone or in anyway she could. I'm really glad to work alongside her. Aside from GPM, It's also very nice to be able to say things in German to her and confuse Ray." We asked @TheCipher01: What is your best memory of you and Stranger (if you have one), and what are some other examples of why you like working with them? "While I don't have any "personal" one on one memories with Stranger I think my favorite memory is whenever she makes the silly gifs that @Raywants and @Daniel K. is always in them as just "Daniel K.". I enjoy working with Stranger because of her ability to be professional all the time when dealing with things like reports, her speed at grabbing them too always makes me laugh. I also have to applaud her ability to give support to everybody who asks for GTA/Rage help even the smallest and easiest questions she makes sure the person she's helping gets where they need to be." It's been a pleasure working with you Stranger! Thank you for everything you do and the dedication you do it with!
  19. mike_art03a @mike_art03a is the current Community Administrative Director of GPM. Mike is one of the original staff members during the relaunch of GPM back in July of 2019. He was made System Operations Director due to his background in IT. More recently, with the ever changing landscape at GPM, his duties now also include other various administrative functions that necessitated in the change in his title to Community Administrative Director. However, if Ray breaks something, it's Mike's job to fix it and make sure the site/server keep running. As the resident tech-wiz of GPM (and outside of GPM), what is the worst thing you've had to fix? "Over the course of my IT career, I've had the misfortune of fixing many a nasty computer... From systems having nasty dust problems, to systems that have had cockroach colonies living in them. The worst being that someone's cat had been urinating on their computer for months/years at a time and it just soaked into the hardware, eventually killing the system. I will not forget the smell... How the owner did not smell it was beyond me, the ammonia odor was strong and I walked off the job there. That was the first, and probably the only time I walked off at the start of a job." What do you enjoy/dread most about the holiday season? "Everyone always asks what I enjoy or dread about the holidays, and to be frank, I don't really have a like or disdain for them. If anything, I tend to get irked at the activities surrounding the holidays as people get really nutty and start to forget how to drive, be polite, etc." You've been here from the beginning, how has the journey of GPM growing to nearly 100,000 members been like for? "Since GPM's started, it's been a rather interesting ride. I've had to adapt our services for the increasing traffic, in addition to being able to allow FiveTwelve (our lead developer) room to be able to add functionality to the site without impacting overall performance and stability. I've also learned a few new skills as this is probably one of the biggest communities/site I've had to manage a server for in a long time. So yes, there's a been a few hiccups along the way because I goofed up on configuring something." Mike also notes though there many have been plenty of hiccups/bumps along the way, it's been pleasant working on GPM. What do you look forward to in the New Year? "In the coming year, I'm hoping things keep on going the way they are for GPM, and hopefully surprises are kept to a minimum. As for myself, my wife and I are looking for a new home to call ours, and potentially start a new family." We asked @Ray: What is your best memory of @mike_art03a and how it's like working with him? "Other than myself, Mike has been a staff member since day one of GPM. I so much appreciate the work and commitment he's put into GPM. The best memory I have of Mike is when he was just an ordinary staff member and stepped up to the plate to rebuild our entire infrastructure of GPM. Not only did he change our backend, but he assisted in rebuilding our server configuration to ensure a smooth experience on our website. Without Mike, I am not too sure how GPM would have survived." Thank you Mike for all the hard work you've put into GPM since the beginning!
  20. Introduction to "Staff-Mas" Hello GPM Members! I have taken over this section of the website for the next 12 days (Shhhh don't tell Ray). Why you might ask? Well our lovely staff members who work so hard to make GPM function behind the scenes, and who put so much time and effort into GPM deserve some special recognition. What better time to give appreciation to those who have more than deserved it than the Holiday Season! Each day a staff member selected randomly (they don't even know who they are) - will have a post made in this very section! Each day, please feel free to chime in the comments below and also thank them for their incredible work, or post on their profile (or BOTH!). GPM would not be the place it is today without these people and their hard work. Enough chit-chat, to kick us off is our very own @mike_art03a!
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