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  1. It would be nice to have a configuration multiplier or something in the json file that allows us to set how likely it is for a vehicle to flee. It seems like it's about 1/3 to 1/5 right now which I think is way to frequent.
  2. Can you explain what the multiplier value actually does? Higher multiplier means the item will be located more frequently?
  3. In the config.lua file in the fivepd folder it lists the xp for each action and you can modify it.
  4. Does it spawn you in random places still when you first login or does it spawn you at the PD? Mine spawns me at random places and I thought it was supposed to work that way ?
  5. What version of FivePD? If you are on 1.0.5 you need to make sure the call outs in your call outs folder have been updated to call outs that support the new API. I recommend removing all the call outs from the folder and placing the call outs from the most recent FivePD release download in, restart the FiveM server and see if you receive call outs then.

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