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  1. Sorry for the late reply, been busy ? Sadly it disabled all keys, including F8. Can give it another go with the latest release of Five PD when I have the time
  2. I am experiencing something weird when adding this callout. Whenever I have this callout activated, if I try to open the MDT in the car with B, I get a mouse cursor like I would be in the MDT but I am not in the computer. All controls are disabled so you cannot do anything and not even leave the vehicle. Only way to counter it was to exit the game and login again. When I removed this callout, I could access the MDT as usual again.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback, when I catch him next time i'll try to do more troubleshooting with him.
  4. Hard to tell, but I would say no, but next time i'll ask him. Since he has no issues doing the rest of the stuff ingame. Maybe he has some special keyboard doing macros or other fancy stuff. Maybe it's possible for him to rebind that key to some other key and get it to work that way.
  5. Yes, I have been doing that after stumbling into issues with upgrade to so we have current callouts, but it's just this particular player that gets this, there were 5 of us and it's only him every single time. So I thought it's time to reach out to find a possible solution ?
  6. I have a player on my server that seems to never be able to accept callouts, when he presses callouts nothing happens and the call goes away eventually. He can accept backup requests in the computer etc. Which ends up him only able to tag along to calls rather than responding to one of his choice. Anyone happen to know what can cause it? it's like only the Y button is not working. I trieed to do some basic troubleshoot with him and we tried a resert of gta keybinds, just in case he had done something special. But issue remained. it might not be a FivePD issue but a fivem/gta issue, but i'm out of ideas. I have not played with him yet on the latest version, but he had that issue on all versions before.
  7. Did some testing and just did a fresh installation of fivepd (keeping database) then there was less errors and menu, callouts works. so something old must have clashed
  8. Upon startup of FivePD these weird errors pops up.
  9. I would like the ability to toggle off completely or if at least, configure the contents of the menu. This way I can have a little more "realistic" environment where the police has to go get or even buy their cars from the garage and not just go 200mph into the suspect and then just spawn a new car and continue. I know I can just empty the list of cars in vehicle.json but since everyone can also teleport and heal it would be nice to be able to be in more control of it. Maybe just allow "clock in" etc if not whitelisted in the menu etc.
  10. Let's start a screenshot thread with your lovely Fivepd setups and situations I'll start I guess , here is my unemployed sheriff.
  11. It's weird cause it works if you for example change month to like February instead of April.
  12. Same here, even with 1.04 it's not visible only citations towards persons.
  13. I also have no option for vehicle citation, can only give citation for persons I looked up in the computer.
  14. I figured it was hardcoded since there was no trace of editing it. However I have a workaround, I installed this "JoinTransition" mod which does that over the top view in the city and zooms in etc, then my freemode character spawns wherever I left off until I die.

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