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  1. Shoot, I'm dumb. I forgot to redo the config.cfg after I re-downloaded fivepd.
  2. I've been getting this in the console - I'm not sure what the error is.
  3. Anyone know how to get location on the bottom left?
  4. Ah okay, how do you get the location you are in on the bottom left of the screen Like :
  5. Hi, I was wondering FrFuel is just a simple drag and drop and it wont work... Not sure why. Also, once I put myself as "isAdmin" what does it do? Is there supposed to be a gui?
  6. This is what I get when I open up the computer..
  7. Hi, After I pull someone over, tow their vehicle, drop the ped off at police station, it wont let me pull another person over. I press shift, and hold and it doesn't pull another vehicle over... Why is that? Also when I open my computer the words are like in the background if you know what I mean... Not sure why is that, it still works but it looks bad and hard to see the words.
  8. This post can now be closed - I don't know what the problem was but I just watched the video that was posted via Discord and started everything over, and now I can access the computer successfully. Video here -
  9. After putting 'resources' into the main folder, I got this.
  10. So, basically move the resources folder into main folder, I also use mariaDB , do I have to do the database things again?
  11. Yes. I only replaced the files from 1868. which didnt touch 'cfx-server-data'
  12. Oof, after downloading and replacing and opening starter.bat I got this now

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