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  1. Yes, it appears that DomesticDispute was causing the issue. It's been removed and everything works fine now. **EDIT** I believe DomesticDispute comes with the latest update of FivePD, just incase this is a bug with everyone.
  2. Yeah, I'm gonna try that and see where we go from there!
  3. Could it be DomesticDispute that's causng it to be like that?
  4. Okay, so I'm getting this error: It won't allow me to accept callouts. This goes for all callouts, these are my callouts:
  5. EUP will work very well, but I need a sub to FiveM on Patreon for that, right?
  6. Is there anyway to add custom characters and PD clothing with FivePD? - I'd love to add it, but have no idea how to
  7. I've had this issue, can you post your entire .json file at all? Basically, it's just a small mistake you've made while adding in a car. It could be anything from forgetting a comma, or adding the wrong car name.
  8. Falsire


    Nope, the call out in the top left isn't there anymore.
  9. Falsire


    Nope, only that thing popped up. It always happens after I cancel callouts, normally. Or happens after a while
  10. Falsire


    I'm running the following callouts Errors are now popping up, I've attached it here too.
  11. Falsire


    Hello, After a while of being on patrol, Callouts still pop up, however when I press Y to respond it doesn't let me and the callout goes away. Has anyone else experienced this and can help out?

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