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  1. hey i may found a bug idk if anyone else having the problem the hood will not stay close
  2. so i may give up on deving for a while and come back to it harder then ever but i need a break


  3. Version 1.0.0


    here you go Extras: Extra #1 Antenna Extra #2 Computer Stand Extra #3 Rambar Extra #4 Upper Rambar Extra #5 Lower Ramber Extra #6 WaterMark there is some bugs i know about that be coming soon fix they not big bugs Eric Custom Discord Link:
  4. Version 1.0.0


    So I got my idea by watching lawn care videos and I see mudbogg did one so I just say oh well and still will upload it and this is my first upload I just keep them privately to my self and this is my first time showing the public my work please dont hate one me to much I'm still learning but here my discord extras Extra_1 = watermark if there any bugs let me know on discord
  5. Everytime i start my server i get this error and i try the stuff that on this page and it dont work so i dont know what to do
  6. some pics i toke when i was on duty in fivepd






  7. when i hit b in my car while im on duty it just shows cursor on my screen but nothing else and there no errors
  8. the mdt will not open on the custom cars please tell me how to fix it
  9. i paid a monthly for the server so i dont know what they run on
  10. witch folder the five pd folder or my main files
  11. witch folder the five pd folder or my main files
  12. So i updated my fivepd and when i log in it says fivepd been unloaded

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