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  1. maybe because EUP or element club, i have element club as well
  2. Hmm i deleted the whole folder,and only thing i keep the same are the data base which i did use the command to add extra column per the in instruction
  3. i did,it still won't show up. I also tried to remove all call out beside original call out with the addon
  4. After update Can't go on duty,F11 only shows duty menu but no option. Data base connected
  5. Also this is the error i'm getting while trying to create department
  6. Hmm,I'm just tested with windows latest,seems like B key won't close the MDT still(for all user in server)
  7. I'm hosting on my VPS from amazon its running windows 2019 server base
  8. I just updated to 1.0.3,still have MDT crate department issues and also unable to exit out MDT with B key

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