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  1. i try to make a dept and it says there is a error try later
  2. Marin


    the MDT wont open when i press B??
  3. Marin

    Server not starting

    I had to change server ip and followed all steps but its not even registering thats the fivepd is even in the server??
  4. im confused on how to install this it gives me a error when loading up in the resource.lua
  5. can you make a video on this im sure everyone is confused on how to exactly do this Merging dlls ... An exception occurred during merging: Unresolved assembly reference not allowed: at System.Compiler.Ir2md.GetAssemblyRefIndex(AssemblyNode assembly) at System.Compiler.Ir2md.GetTypeRefIndex(TypeNode type) at System.Compiler.Ir2md.VisitReferencedType(TypeNode type) at System.Compiler.Ir2md.VisitClass(Class Class) at System.Compiler.Ir2md.Visit(Node node) at System.Compiler.Ir2md.VisitModule(Module module) at System.Compiler.Ir2md.SetupMetadataWriter(String debugSymbolsLocation) at System.Compiler.Ir2md.WritePE(Module module, String debugSymbolsLocation, BinaryWriter writer) at System.Compiler.Writer.WritePE(String location, Boolean writeDebugSymbols, Module module, Boolean delaySign, String keyFileName, String keyName) at System.Compiler.Writer.WritePE(CompilerParameters compilerParameters, Module module) at System.Compiler.Module.WriteModule(String location, CompilerParameters options) at ILMerging.ILMerge.Merge() at ILMerging.ILMerge.Main(String[] args) 0 File(s) copied ==================================================================================== Review the output above for any errors Then copy the file from the output folder to your fivepd\callouts folder (if not specified already) Press any key to continue . . .
  6. Marin


    Fivepd 1.6 wont work at all, do we need to delete fivepd and i reinstalled it dosent work
  7. Marin


    fixed it, i have to restart the whole server to fix it.. its fine thx though
  8. Marin


    wait im sorry doing it again if i restart fivepd....
  9. Marin


    never mind i updated the SQL and it fixed everything
  10. Marin


    ill send pics
  11. Marin


    i tried it no change....
  12. Marin


    once i update from 1.4 to 1.5 it doesn't work im getting errors all over the place i see other community's having the same errors
  13. Can I get your discord? I’m looking to make call outs but is having trouble never really did Dll I’m use to .lua? I can possibly even be of assistance?

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