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  1. @davidmweissman @realDonaldTrump you just said stop politicizing and you turn around and politicize it. what?

  2. @eugenegu @realDonaldTrump why do you feel the need to comment on every one of his tweets. it’s getting creepy lmao

  3. @eugenegu @realDonaldTrump imagine being offended by the president calling a virus that came from China the “chines…

  4. FINALLY fixed my game, it wouldn’t load ENB. Re-installed overnight, added my special touch. And WOAH I love the lo…

  5. thx twitter for the balloons across my screen for my birthday. very cool!

  6. @eugenegu @realDonaldTrump that’s where it came from homie.

  7. RT @GTAPoliceModsPR: Do you know how to develop plugins/applications for IPBoards? If so and are interested in joining the GPM Development…

  8. RT @realDonaldTrump: Sleepy Joe Biden was in charge of the H1N1 Swine Flu epidemic which killed thousands of people. The response was one o…

  9. ?

  10. RT @realDonaldTrump: I will be addressing the Nation this evening at 9:00 P.M. (Eastern) from the Oval Office.

  11. Hanover County Sheriff's Office - 2016 FPIU - Liberty II | Accurate Specs

  12. RT @SASBurnerAcct: *Sees Mike Bloomberg dropped out of the Presdiential Race*

    Me realizing that I won’t see his YouTube ad spam anymore: h…

  13. RT @VDHgov: If you recently traveled to an affected area, or had close contact with someone who recently traveled to an affected area and w…

  14. The BCSO pack I’m working on will take a while to be released. Early access will more than likely be available thro…

  15. Pretty 2019 Charger i’m working on?

  16. RT @seanhannity: Crazy Uncle Joe: ‘If You Elect Me, Your Taxes Are Going To Be Raised, Not Cut’

  17. RT @GTAPoliceModsPR: who here likes snow?

  18. There's really no way he'll beat Trump. But just in case you haven't heard:

  19. cool new all red charger i’m working on.

  20. imagine being taught to do something a certain way by your boss when you start your job, then 6 months later, he sa…

  21. All you FiveM people, this should interest you!

  22. Don't make yourself an example, do not join leaking servers! Vivid Studios is now enforcing an anti-leak member pol…

  23. watermelon sour patch kids are incredibly underrated.

  24. who else absolutely hates waking up with energy, then being stupid tired 45 minutes later for no reason?

  25. Thanks to @First30Mins for beta testing my SAHP Charger! Watch the video here:

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