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  1. Thank you sir for helping me with this issue. It was fixed my error I was receiving in my config.
  2. Hello I am lost on what I'm doing wrong. I downloaded the new version and used it and it still gave me the error I added the line to the config and it still gave me the error any help will be greatly accepted thank you for all that looks at this and hopefully I maybe able to help someone else out that has the same problem
  3. have to say this bar is really low quality wouldn't recommend anyone using this bar. The base of the bar isnt even 3d modeled its just a texture..
  4. No there isn’t any issues and no really at all. I’m still having these issues
  5. alright so today I'm having an issue with some of my players not able to connect to the database. But the weird thing is a member could join right after this member and they connect to the database just find does anyone know what the solution could be...... Update: the player that couldn't connect to the database just now showed up after sitting in the server......
  6. wait there is categories for support tickets
  7. Hello Im coming to you guys today because I am currently having an issue with the database. As of today I am experiencing that some of my members will not sync into the database but other one's will. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I can share screen shots if you guys need some. Thank you so much
  8. yea you should see the ambulance in real life. The color choice is freaking crazy. But I will say this you wont have a problem seeing it on a scene.

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