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  1. If I’m understanding what you’re saying correctly, then the reason the file size is the same size for the normal yft and the _hi is because it’s a single LOD vehicle so no matter what you export there is only an L0 available to be exported so will be the same size
  2. Whats are peoples thoughts on this ? There is quite a mixed reaction in the replies of the tweet
  3. Really like the idea, car looks really nice. Never seen lights on a wraparound like that done before so props for originality and creativity. I've just noticed a few things that could be worked on if you plan to update this, ill put them in spolers so that im not clogging up your comments. Otherwise great work, keep it up! 1) The YTD file size is massive [29.7MB], the base model ytd is 3.6MB so the extra 26.1MB is from extra textures that you have added. I only point this out as last time I checked GTA had a ytd size limit which is below what you have it at and I know that seeing as its non-els, FiveM has a limit of around 13-16mb [dont remember exact amount off the top of my head]. 2) _hi.yft 3) "Glass surfaces on light fixtures are complete black when window tint is enabled." 4) "Templates not enabled" 5) "-Rear taillight pattern is incorrectly outputting and tends to bug out." I hope this helps, if you are confused by anything or need a hand, feel free to message me either here in the comments, the website or discord MDJDUFFY#0500

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