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  1. TheCipher01's post in Fires wont start was marked as the answer   
    This area is not for callout support, you would need to contact the callout author for that.
  2. TheCipher01's post in FivePD Crash 1.5 was marked as the answer   
    Players need to have steam or discord linked to their account when they join the server. This is an unintended feature as FivePD isn't supposed to unload it's a known issue and is being worked on my development team.
  3. TheCipher01's post in Callouts and Subfolders was marked as the answer   
    The callouts should still function as intended the only reason they're usually in separate folders is if they have a config file to go with the callouts.
  4. TheCipher01's post in Config.json not working! was marked as the answer   
    If you're using zap you need to go to the ftp page on your zap hosting panel and click the blue button that says "SET FTP PERMISSIONS"
  5. TheCipher01's post in FivePD MySQL Database was marked as the answer   
    FivePD won't touch user data outside of what it creates. Are you trying to run this with ESX? It's not recommended to do so anyways but FivePD and ESX should have separate tables, and therefore FivePD wouldn't touch your existing users.
  6. TheCipher01's post in Fivepd callouts and computer not working was marked as the answer   
    What do you mean you don't get anything? Do you have a department set up and are you in that department? Are you on duty?
  7. TheCipher01's post in Fivepd unloading when someone joins the server. was marked as the answer   
    As is stated in multiple threads in the solved section. FivePD will unload when someone tries to join without steam or discord linked. It's a known issue and will be fixed in the next update but there is no ETA yet.
  8. TheCipher01's post in FivePD Load screen Still Loading After Disabling it was marked as the answer   
    There's more than one line you need to remove. You need to remove all references to the loading screen, if you're running the latest version of FivePD you would remove these highlighted lines from the fxmanifest.lua

  9. TheCipher01's post in FivePD + ESX for non-Zap Hosted servers? was marked as the answer   
    There's not much else we can assist you with in terms of which ESX to use. We don't recommend using ESX and FivePD so that's up to you on which to use and what to install.
  10. TheCipher01's post in Dispatch Spawning Issue was marked as the answer   
    As is stated in many solved support requests this spawning behavior is currently a known bug with the latest version of FivePD. The dev team are working on a fix but there is no ETA yet for this update.
    As for spawn radius configuration there's no option to do so though you can feel free to suggest it under the FivePD suggestions area.
  11. TheCipher01's post in Callouts not working was marked as the answer   
    Make sure that people are in the departments area of patrol if you have one set up and not just one over the entire map. While I can't say I've seen this issue before with 1.5 there are known issues with spawning  services/peds that this could be related to. Make sure there are no errors in both your in game F8 console and the server console when loading FivePD. Also make sure the callouts are up to date.
  12. TheCipher01's post in AI Backup and Calls Bugging was marked as the answer   
    It's a known issue that the dev team is aware of and is working on a fix for. There is no ETA for an update yet.
  13. TheCipher01's post in FivePD shuts down after 20 minutes was marked as the answer   
    Looks like it's not an issue with FivePD but rather an issue with the callout "CalloutsPlus" you would need to reach out to the creator of the callout to solve this issue.
  14. TheCipher01's post in Server browser permissions was marked as the answer   
    Hi there 
    If you don't have permission to post a server it likely means you don't meet one of the requirements to make a post just yet. Most likely your Trust factor is just below 80%.
    For more information on the trust factor system feel free to check out this help doc.
  15. TheCipher01's post in i can't play fivepd keep getting an error was marked as the answer   
    Firstly it isn't recommended to use SQLite on Zaphosting as it's known to cause the server to crash.
    To fix the issue you're having go to your FTP page on Zap and press th e blue button that says "SET FTP PERMISSIONS"
  16. TheCipher01's post in hwere do i find out how to add spike strips was marked as the answer   
    As explained in the included PDFs you would add them in the vehicles.json and add "isSpikeStripAvailable":true
    Following the correct JSON formatting otherwise you'll get errors.
  17. TheCipher01's post in Vehicles.json error was marked as the answer   
    You have multiple errors in your formatting at the end. It should look like this
    You can't change what's in the first set of quotes so "ambulance": has to be exactly that. You can change what's in the quotes in the brackets as long as you keep the brackets.
    "ambulance": ["newAmbulance"],
  18. TheCipher01's post in Server crashing after installing FivePD was marked as the answer   
    Change where it says sqlite to mysql. I also removed your screenshot because it contained the username and password to your database.
  19. TheCipher01's post in FivePD stopping when there is no license was marked as the answer   
    I believe this will be fixed in the next update. For now make sure players all have steam or discord linked to their FiveM account, it should help mitigate this issue. There isn't an ETA yet on when this update will come out as it is a rather extensive update that has to be made to fix some bugs found with 1.5 and 1.5.1
  20. TheCipher01's post in Need help with Non-ELS lights. Working fine on test server but when I stream on my official fivem server it does not show right. was marked as the answer   
    Since you said it works on your test server it looks like you have conflicting carcol ids. Just change the carcol id in the carcols.meta and the carvariations.meta to something other than what it is now, make sure they match. Might have to do this a few times before it works.
  21. TheCipher01's post in Server problem was marked as the answer   
    As the error says you don't have your license key that you got from https://keymaster.fivem.net/ included in your server.cfg.
  22. TheCipher01's post in New to Devving FivePD!!! was marked as the answer   
    FivePD does not control the lights and sirens. You would either need to install ELS on your FiveM server and use ELS cars, or you can use non-ELS cars and use Luxart Vehicle Control to turn your lights on separately from your siren using the keys you described. You can find Luxart here.
  23. TheCipher01's post in FivePD v1.5.1 randomly stops was marked as the answer   
    Make sure that everyone playing as a discord or steam account linked to their FiveM account.
  24. TheCipher01's post in FivePD v1.5.1 peds falling, not completing scenes was marked as the answer   
    As mentioned in multiple other support posts the issues with services and AI spawning are known and are being worked on by the dev team. It'll be resolved in the next update ideally and there is no ETA for that yet.
  25. TheCipher01's post in is a mic needed was marked as the answer   
    You don't need a mic to play on FivePD since FivePD is just a gamemode on FiveM servers. Some servers may require that you have a mic but GPM doesn't have an official server nor recommends on which you can find here.

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