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  1. that worked!! thanks bro! I'm new to all this lol
  2. That did not work for me. I gone up and down with that heading number and the cars did not move for me.
  3. For the life of me I can not figure out how to stop the cars from spawning on each other. policecar = await SpawnVehicle(VehicleHash.Sheriff, Location); is what i'm using but if i add a new vector i get an error or does not spawn. It would be awesome if i can get info on whats going on here.
  4. SGTPayne you the man!! Thanks for the help and I can not wait to have time to see it in action!!
  5. It stopped them from killing one and other until one of them shoots ,then the other one turn and shoots him. Like you said it sounds like an relationship issue. I just dont know how to do a relationship group yet lol.
  6. I didn't think about the relationship of the two, have to read up on that lol. I am using suspect.AlwaysKeepTask = true; and I guess that's what is stoping them from shooting each other at first.
  7. working on this also and just can not get there! you can see everything is good the AI are running at the player until one of them shoot at me, the one shoots the other!! hope someone can fix this soon
  8. Do you have the new mdt_vshicles.json in the config folder? or do you have a custom one? The MDT would not pull up at all for me until i put the stock one in and then edited added my custom cars.
  9. yes we have the hotfix installed
  10. Open the vehicles.meta and find <gameName> now change that line to <gameName>police<gameName> this worked for all my custom cars! hope this helps
  11. CrazyKelly


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