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  1. so after trying this i think it is aweesome man. the crew on my server loves this.
    i have replaced all my other callouts with this as they are very good and a good variety. love this calklout pack
  2. I can only wonder if you would be able to make a fire dept call-out pack that would be amazing. Just a thought lol
  3. Freaking awesome man loading it in the server now
  4. i would remove the callouts and then make sure to get the updated version of the calluts compatable with the new update.
  5. so i was unable to have the controller signal pull over and i also saw this.
  6. im testing controls now to see if i can figure it out.
  7. Is it a keybind issue maybe? also have you tried this? i will try the controller on my server and see if it works for me
  8. i think what he is asking is that as soon as you try to trigger a pull over then just on your keyboard screenshot it in f8 and also in the server console as any errors should stay long enough to gather the screenshot. the pull over errors for controller shoudl be in the f8 and server console long enough after the pull over was triggered. I hope this helps.
  9. Are you using zap hosting if so make sure you have ftp permissions turned on when you transfer in new files. i would also clear your server cache and fivem apllication data cache. when you add the new callouts you need to make sure you do a server restart. Hope this helps.
  10. Also make sure you have joined a department to get callouts.
  11. im no genuis but it look slike fivepd loaded correctly just seems to be a server connection issue. BUt i could be wrong just my 2 pennies.
  12. i would try to reinstall fivepd and clear the server cache and your fivem cache and restart and you should be good to go. for the language translation i have no idea.
  13. I just wanted to say thank you all for your hard work. I know you all have been trying your hardest to make fivepd great and i can only imagine that all the bug reports and such must be frustrating but i just wanted to say thank you guys for your hard work it is appreciated by me and those that play on my server. Thanks again.
  14. i would probably try to do a clean install if it was me but i hope maybe it is something simple. Hope you can get it fixed

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