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Status Updates posted by Ray

  1. Keep up the great work, Jack. On behalf of the GPM community we thank you for uploading some great content to the community. I, and many others, look forward to your future releases 👍

  2. Happy Birthday! 👽

  3. Ray

    We've noticed a lot of exclusive uploads from you! Thank you for sharing your creations with the entire GPM and GTA community. Developers like you are what makes GPM special for all. Keep up the great work ?


    Kind regards,

  4. Thank you for keeping the GPM community safe! I am awarding you the "Community Peacekeeper" medal. This medal is given to those who show consistency in reporting content that violates our guidelines or violates the author's terms of service.


    Thank you for helping keep GPM safe for all!

  5. Nice background banner ? #BestGTA

  6. Keep up the great releases ?

  7. Hey there!

    Thank you for helping us towards our donation goal. Thank you for supporting GPM ?




    1. EmilioTheNerd


      Hiya! it is my pleasure to help out. Thank you for making such a terrific platform ❤️

  8. Verification request approved ☑️

  9. Big things are coming...

    1. LukeD


      Big "things" you say? https://bit.ly/2NU1Dlv


      I'm so sorry. I'm really bored.

  10. Hey there,


    Thank you for reporting content that violates developer's terms of service. As a token of our appreciation we're awarding you the "Community Peacekeeper" medal. On behalf of the moderation team and management team, we thank you for assisting us in making GPM a better place for all.



  11. Thank you for acquiring VIP through using Crypto! I have awarded you the "Crypto King" medal! 

  12. Thank you for helping and continuing to help users with their FivePD issues/questions. Thanks to users like you who help users troubleshoot their problems, it allows us time to enhance the game mode further and investigate problems. I am awarding you the 'Community Helper' medal due to your dedication and assistance. We thank you again for lending a hand to those in need.


    Kind regards,


    Community Director of GTAPoliceMods

    1. 97mhensley


      You are more than welcome and i am honored to receive this medal! 

  13. I am awarding you a new GPM medal today. "Community Helper" has just been added to your account and can be found in your GPM profile page. Your medal will also be displayed on your forum posts too. We thank you for your continued support in assisting others in need. Great work!

  14. As of today, I have awarded you the Community Helper award which can be found in the "Medals" tab on your profile page. Thank you for going above and beyond helping users within GPM. Users like you are the key to keeping GPM a success. 


    Thank you!

  15. Congrats on becoming a Content Creator!

    1. markthedev


      Thanks! Merry Christmas

  16. Congrats on all the recent downloads and success! Your content is sure making an impact for many users. You are right on track in becoming a GPM Content Creator real soon ?

    1. markthedev


      Working on it! ?

  17. I am awarding you the GPM Medal 'Respected Developer'. This medal has only been give to a handful of people (less than 10 members) and is only given to those who upload exceptional quality content to GPM.


    Thank you for sharing your content to others! Keep up the great work, Kilroy.

    1. Kilroy95


      Wow, thank you! I'm really amazed and appreciative for this. You made my night!

  18. FivePD v1.2 update thread underway! 


  19. Happy Birth month!

  20. You are one file away from hitting 15 files and almost half way to 100 reputation points! Getting closer to becoming a Content Creator on GPM

  21. You have a cool member ID ? (#420)

  22. I would like to award Dirty Dan the GPM "Respected Developer" medal. This medal is only given to those who show activity, dedication and good overall quality on uploaded content. At this time Dirty Dan will be the 5th member to ever receive this award.

    Keep up the great work, Dirty Dan!

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