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There's two ways to play FivePD.

FivePD is a modification for Cfx.re's FiveM. FiveM is required to play FivePD.

How do I get FiveM?

Tap an option below to get started.

Join an existing server Host a server

Not sure? The easiest way to get started is by joining an existing server. Hosting a server requires setup and configuration, while joining does not.

Join an existing server

The only thing required to join an existing server is FiveM.

Find a server

While GTAPoliceMods does not have an official FivePD server, we do allow community owners to display their servers on our site. Check out the FivePD Server Browser for a list of servers added by our community members.


It's also possible to find existing FivePD servers directly from the FiveM main menu. Just type fivepd in the search bar.

FivePD Server Browser

- or -

Host a server

Some assembly required.

Getting started

Running a FivePD server takes some setup and a system to run on. FivePD can be installed on any standard FiveM server, and we have a full helpdoc below detailing how to do so.

Sonoran Servers

Sonoran Servers, a GPM affiliate, offers preinstalled FivePD servers. Tap the link below to learn more.

Helpdoc: Setting up FivePD Sonoran Servers

Important Information

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