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[NON-ELS] Paleto Bay PD Mini Pack


Price: 50.00 USD

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About this offer

I'm extremely proud to present my hard work over the past few weeks. Tons of time and effort went into these models and i'm glad to be able to offer these to you for your enjoyment.


Extra pictures and videos:


2020 Patrol Chevy Tahoe
2018 Patrol Dodge Charger
2020 K-9 Chevy Tahoe
2018 K-9 Dodge Charger

Extras And Features
Whelen Liberty II 
Whelen Inner Edge XLP Duo 
Setina Pushbars With Wraparounds 
Detailed Interior (Havis Consoles, Radar, MDT, LoJack, Radio and Controller)
Seat Storage 
Multiple Antenna Configurations 
Multiple Spotlight Configurations
Rotatable Spotlights
K-9 Equipment and Cage with spinning fans
Red And Blue and All Blue Options
Multi-Livery Support (Includes 1 Livery)


Extra List 

extra_1 Whelen Liberty 2
extra_2 Whelen Inner Edge XLP
extra_3 Whelen Rtx
extra_5 Moveable Spotlight 
extra_6 Passenger Spotlight down (Extra 5 must be on)
extra_7 Lojack Equipment and Antennas
extra_8 Seat Organizer 
extra_9 Antennas
extra_10 Setina Rambar
extra_11 Setina Rambar Wrap
extra_12 Mudflpas


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