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Whelen Vertex


Price: 7.00 USD
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    Vehicle Part
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About this offer

After spending way to much time and still more time to spend on this I've got it into a sellable state. As hopefully known it is a little bit higher poly than what is experienced with probably such a small part, but I went for detail and I'd assume it won't be too much of an extra addition compared to all other equipment on your model already. I marked the price up a bit because I do still plan to finish the custom emissives' eventually for the light housings. I have every single housing position listed in the file, as well as just the plain 'ol Vertex with the surface mount. I do not have any pictures included in the file download at the moment because my game is K.I.A. Once it's back in action I will update this and the file with pictures.  (The two in game pictures you see do not represent the final product.)

To purchase please contact my Discord @ Tyler.#7300

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