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2018 F450 Brush Truck & Trailer V2


Price: 15.00 USD

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About this offer

Release Date 6/23/2021
Compatibility Non-ELS
Price 15$

Vehicle List

2018 F450 Brush Truck Brush Trailer



Togglable Lightbar
Togglable Dash Lights
Togglable Grill Lights
Togglable Wrap Around
Togglable Doors
Togglable Spare Wheel

Features Include

All Vehicles Templated
360 Degree Lighting Scene Lighting
Breakable Windows
Multi Livery Support
Working Trailer
Working Water Cannon

New Features

Added Water Cannon
Added New Wheels
Added Black Grill Version
Added New Interior Console
Added New Taillights
Added New Skin

Versions Include

Chrome - Red & Blue, Clear Glass Chrome - Red & Red, Clear Glass Chrome - Red & Blue, Colored Glass Chrome - Red & Red, Colored Glass Black - Red & Blue, Clear Glass Black - Red & Red, Clear Glass Black - Red & Blue, Colored Glass Black - Red & Red, Colored Glass


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