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Ended Police Boston Whaler Montauk with Trailer


Price: 5.00 USD

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About this offer

Police Boston Whaler Montauk with Trailer
Compatibility Non-ELS

Extras & Features Include -

Extra 1 Side lights
Extra 2 Front lights
Extra 3 Rear light bar
Extra 6 Scene lighting
Extra 7 Scene lighting
Extra 8 Scene lighting
Extra 8 Scene lighting Extra 11 Box in the front

Extra 1 The boat on the trailer

Send paypal friends and family.

Credits & Special Thanks
@Drexdor Boston Whaler Montauk
@Cj24 Code 3 RX2700
@Billy Johnsson POLICE,Clipboard
@rockstar Misc Props
@MortyNL Soda Cans
@Jakub Whelen Cencom Sapphire/Gold/Red
@ krul Code 3 MR6MC
@Bueno Generic LED Light Package
@petey_playz For the skin
@Murphy for photos

if I forgot you or there something wrong DM me on Discord Puck#2365

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