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[NON-ELS ] Police ATV


Price: 5.50 USD

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Police ATV - 1

Price 5€ (EURO)

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This ATV comes in RED & BLUE and BLUE & BLUE lighting.
Has the ability to go fully unmarked with 0 lights or police equipment on it
Has a template
Supports multi Liveries
Working hitch
extra-1 = axe and shovel on the front
extra-2 = back sniper case
extra-3 = back box
extra-4 = front lights
extra-5 = front bumper lights
extra-6 = back lights
extra-7 = back outer lights
extra-8 = side lights
extra-9 = front pushbar
extra-10 = radio
extra-11 = tow hitch
extra-12 = 

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