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Swat FBI Operator (Version 3.0)


Price: 25.00 USD
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    EUP / Ped Skin
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About this offer

Swat FBI ped

Replace swat ped.
It has 3 head variants (one with a balaclava); option for eyeglasses in 3 colors (orange, white, black); option to add a bag on the leg; option to add a gas mask hanging from the belt from behind; option to wear a gas mask. 

If future updates are released, buyers will receive them from free. 
I'm selling this piece only to 5 buyers max.

FiveM compatible.


Payment through Paypal. 

Version 3.0 changelog:
-added light device on the back of the helmet in three different colors (red, green, blue) plus the option to remove it completely. This can be useful if you wish to train with other people cqb in FiveM.

Version 2.0 changelog:
-added option to actually use the night goggles.
-added option to have retractable sleeves.

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