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8280 - Brother Pocketjet


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Billy Johnsson

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About this offer



I present my remastered printer from Brother. This is a complete remaster with a new mesh and textures.



- Comes with 3 textures, 1 diffuse, 1 normal & 1 specmap.

- Comes modeled with GTA V optimization in mind, keeping the tris as low as possible while obtaining the best looking result.

- Comes with LOD's from LO>L2.

- Comes pre-scaled.

- Comes with DXT5 compression.


LOD Values

L0: 106 tris

L1: 54 tris

L2: 10 tris


Credits & special thanks

Credits: Billy J Modifications, @Billy Johnsson

Billy J Modifications: @Riot_Johnsson, @NorthCam18, @Kelsis, @L1MITED

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