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[DEV] Ford Turaus SHO 10


Price: 10.00 USD
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Ford Taurus SHO 2010


This is my first z3d Vehicle. You shouldnt buy this if you are not a developer and know zmodeler 3.


It is 10$ - including new updates that may come to the base model.




Files included: z3d File. TOS's & Guidelines. YTD File. OBJ Files. Vehicles.Meta & Carvations.Meta, Handling.Meta




- Features: GTA 5 Normal Engine. Detailed Interior. Templated. Working Speedometer Normal Vehicle Stuff such as: Blinkers working, Reverse lights, Break lights, etc.





PsychoGinger - Custom Handling Line.


DMN - Extracted Model from Forza MotorSport 4.


Rockstar Games - Misc items.


Mark (me) - Heavy body modification and convertion to Gta 5.


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