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2020 RAM 5500 “Rambulance” Multi-Function Ambulance

Price: 30.00 USD

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About this offer

Release Date 08/24/20

Compatibility Non-ELS

Price 30$


The Rambulance. The arguably most aggressive of any fleet. This thing outperforms the next best thing by miles. A perfect addition to any fleet, its looks and whats under the hood gives the “dont joke around” vibe. The new gen doesnt mess around.. Features include-

Fully custom Stretcher System w/ working script

Fully individually templated light emissives & light module glass ; FULL light customization

Custom made Vehicle Layouts for proper rear get in/ out animations

Toggleable Lightbar

Toggleable Middle M9 Set.

Toggleable & Moveable Flood Lightbar

Toggleable Roof Mounted Airhorns

Toggleable Rambar, Rambar Wrap

Realistic Wobble Antennas

Toggleable Kussmaul Auto Eject System (“Plugged in” Preset for in station use)

Toggleable Side, And Rear scene lighting

Toggleable Inner Rear Ambulance Cab lights.

Realistic, working mirrors Openable Cab Compartments

Working, Templated, Breakable Windows, Body, And Wheels


Versions Include (All Included with Purchase)
All Red ; Endless customization via light & glass templates.


Credits & Special Thanks To:

@IceTheDev & @Trump for stretcher and stretcher script
@RoegonTV for Whelen Tail Light set ; M9 ; M9 V Series ; M6. 
@HONEYNUT for Stryker System
@BillyJ for Rambar & Rambar Wrap ; AED System
@DIBZER, @Dan With Da Van! For E350 original Van Base
@Matthew Peralta for Airhorns ; RAM Single Cab
@Limited for Liveries
@CEO for Liberty II 
@CAPONE for Wheel
@Price for multiple extensive meta contributions
@Prod for exhaust system ; Opticom ; LED Lightbar
@GeorgieMoon For Tires
@BlueJ for MedVault 2
@CJ24 for Toughbook Laptop
@Jakub for Console
@Kane104 for Orig Base
@Steve6645 @XBR410 for Misc compartment equipment
@mathfeew ; @NoneVale_ ; @Riva for multiple misc contributions 

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