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Liberty II Pack [NON ELS]


Price: 80.00 USD

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Liberty II Pack  

> Release Date 11/20/20
> Compatibility Non-ELS
> Price 80$ for the Full Pack or 15$ each if purchased individually.

Vehicle List
> 2011 Crown Victoria 
> 2014 Dodge Charger
> 2018 Dodge Charger 
> 2016 Ford Taurus
> 2014 Tahoe 
> 2018 Tahoe
> 2020 Explore
> 2016 Explore 

> Togglable Lightbar
> Togglable Visor & Dash Lights
> Togglable Grill Lights
> Togglable Rambar, Rambar Bottom, & Top Wrap
> Togglable Side Runners  
> Togglable Antennas and ALPRS
> Togglable Spotlights 

Features Include
Working spotlight!
All Vehicles Templated  
Lighting Template
360 Degree Lighting
Breakable Windows
Multi Livery Support

Versions Include
> Red & Blue 

@Jakub for Misc Consoles , Radar
@BillJ for Laptop Setup, Galls, And Misc Interior Parts, Antennas
@TheRealJosh for Pepsi Can
@CEO Lightbar, Ions, Partition
@DanWithDaVan For Radio, Dash Cam, 2018 Tahoe
@Cj24 for Spotlight
@Krul for Visor Lights
@HPDeskjet for Printer, 2020 Explore Base
@TheHurk for CVPI Base, 14charger Base
@SentryGunMan for Go Rhino Push Bar
@WJMMods for Assault rifle
@MrPig for Shotgun 
@OfficerFive0 for Dominator, Magnetic Mic
@Twurtleee for Partition Pack
@OfficerUnderwood for 2014 Tahoe Base, 16 Taurus
@panoszaf for Trunk Cabinet
@XBR410 for Misc Trunk Probs 
@Marylandmods for D&R Bar Pack
@TerrySloman for Controller Pack
@Peralta for 18Charger Base
@0taku for Dash Lights
@Fartknockr for Psuh Bars
@Jophics for Push Bars
@Kane104 for 16 Explore 
@Bueno for Side Runners And Dash Lights
@TrooperCorentin for Misc Help 
@Fuel for Misc Help
@Alexx for Misc Help
@Explorer8158 for Skins

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