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Tac Tec Vest


Price: 15.00 USD
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    EUP / Ped Skin
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About this offer

Tac Tec Vest by DJCave#0028

Price: $15 USD

Vest compatable with MP_Freemode and EUP


Variant Options:

Blank Vest Version with no equipment
Equipped Vest with Mic on the right shoulder
Equipped Vest with Mic on left shoulder



X2 Tazer

- Motorola Radio & Mic

- Map Pouch

- IFAK Pouch

- 2 AR Magazines

- 2 Pistol Magazines



- Customizable textures, Can be edited for personal preference

- 2 preset texture options, (Black and Multicamo)



Before purchase, you MUST agree to my TOS before purchasing the vest.

NOT all inquirese will guarntee a sale, i choose who i sell to.

I take no resposability for instilation to your game, i provided recomended location for GTA 5.

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