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Setina Partition Package


Price: 30.00 USD
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Billy Johnsson

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About this offer


The Setina RP partitions are made after their real life counter part, the partitions come with a bunch of features I'm very excited to tell ya'll about. 


- Comes with a configureable texture to have the ability to change colors, glass transparency and even change the middle glass divider. 
- Comes modeled with GTA V optimization in mind, keeping the tris as low as possible.
- Comes with LOD from L0-L2.
- Comes pre-scaled.
- Comes all mapped to 1 diffuse texture, 1 normal map and 1 specmap. 


Comes fitted for the following vehicles;
* OfficerUnderwoods Crown Victoria
* Matt Peralta's 2018 Dodge charger
* Danwiththevan's 2019 Tahoe
* Kane104's Ford police Interceptor Utility


LOD Values
L0 = 1222
L1 = 657
L2 = 152


Setina RP partitions package: $30
Setina RP partition separate: $10


@infidelplz - Beta testing & in-game screenshots. 
@Dan with da Van - Fitting & exporting.
@Kelsis - In-game screenshots.




For more images view; https://imgur.com/a/687nUSw

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