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2014 Chevy Silverado Generic Multi-Function DOT Truck (Standard Bed)

Price: 30.00 USD

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About this offer

Release Date: 04/23/20

Compatibility: Non-ELS

Price: 30$


The Silverado is a low and discrete workhorse that can do anything you put it to. Although in a 1500 chassis, this thing is no joke and will handle all the needs of the Department of Transportation, rain or shine, snow or ice. It can also direct any traffic you throw at it!


  • Toggleable & Moveable Snow Plow via Numpad Keys
  • Toggleable Arrowboard
  • Animated & Openable Arrowboard with 4 Custom Messages & Template to make your own
  • Toggleable Side bed mounted toolbox’s
  • Realistic Wobble Antennas
  • Toggleable Rambar
  • Realistic, working mirrors
  • Working, Breakable Windows
  • Working Tow Hitch
  • Toggleable Backrack


Versions Include (All Included with Purchase)

  • Amber & Red Version
  • All Amber Version
  • All Red Version
  • Civilian Version


Credits & Special Thanks to:

@Limited for Livery

@BillyJ for Arrowboard

@Trump for Toolbox’s

@Dan with the Van! For Backrack

@Crazy_Creed72 for Screenshots

@XBR410 for Whelen M4 & Base Model


Join the Discord at: http://discord.gg/redneckmods

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