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Welcome to GTA Police Mods

Welcome to GTA Police Mods, like most online communities you must register to interact or post within our community, but don't worry this is a simple free process that requires minimal information for you to signup. Guests can NOT download files. This is to prevent bots and malicious users. If you wish to have these restrictions removed, you can create an account or signing in. By signing up you gain the ability to...

  • Download and upload unlimited files
  • Start new topics and reply to others
  • Upload Gallery Images
  • Subscribe to topics and forums to get email updates
  • Get your own profile page and make new friends
  • Send personal messages to other members.

Registration Terms


  • By using this website, you agree to the GTAPoliceMods Terms of Service and have read the privacy policy. 
  • Services that are provided, Terms of Services, and Privacy Policy on GTAPoliceMods are subject to change without further notice
  • Terms that defines GTAPoliceMods: Community, GPM

Users and Registrations

  • Any information regarding someone’s account will not be disclosed to a third party, nor can a user give to a third party.     
  • Users must use a proper and valid email address. Any email addresses that are not valid or disposable will not be allowed; thus, the account being deleted and removed.
  • Users must only use one account. Additional accounts without prior authorization will be removed and deleted.
  • Users are subject to account limitations and services provided if the Terms of Services are violated. An account can be suspended, banned, and/or deleted without notice if violations of the Terms of Services occur or keep recurring. We reserve the right to terminate (ban) any account, at anytime, for any reason.
  • This is a public forum. By registering you agree that any requests for your account (or content) to be deleted will not be honored. We do not delete accounts/content upon request.
  • Any false information provided during sign up (fake email, fake contact info, etc) will not be allowed and may lead to account termination.

Punishment Policy 

  • In the event your account is terminated (your account is permanently banned from GPM) you may appeal it at "appeals@gtapolicemods.com" within 72 hours of the termination. Please allow up to 72 hours for a Management Team member to look into your case. Only one appeal per account.
  • Any infraction given by staff members will always have a reason. In the event you are warned we suggest you PM that moderator for more information. All warnings expire within 365 days. (there is no appeal for this)
  • Any racial content directed towards a member will be dealt with accordingly. This includes up to member termination without the chance of appeal.


  • Messages between private parties are meant to stay between the parties involved and are not allowed to be shared without consent. 
  • Administrative and Moderation Staff will intervene in a conversation if the content in the message has been reported. 
  • If anyone believes a message violates the Terms of Service or violates any law, the message can be reported and staff will take appropriate action. 
  • Any sort of commercial activities, advertisement, or otherwise specified will not be allowed on the site and is forbidden. 
  • No "back-seat moderating". This means you acting as a moderator to resolve problems. Please let the staff deal with this.
  • No flame wars, no exceptions.

Member Harassment

  • Member harassment in any form will result in moderation actions taken on the member's account
    • This includes on GPM or by direct message (discord, twitter, etc)
      • If harassment occurs in a different community that will be up to the moderation team of said community to deal with the issue

Other Communities

  • GPM does not (typically) take action against other member's actions in different communities (this will be case by case)
    • In other words, if you got banned in some other community and join GPM for the most part you should be fine (this will be case by case)

User Content

  • Content is defined as texts, images, downloads, files, within GTAPoliceMods. GTAPoliceMods does not have any control over content outside of the website. 
  • Anyone may not post offensive, obscene, pornographic, political, discriminatory, racist, or anything that violates the law. 
  • Users will be required to post content in the correct category. Administrative and Moderation staff will move content if need be. 
  • In specific topics and forums, posts must remain and be relevant to the topic. 
  • Double posting is forbidden unless the author of the thread is using them as place-holders. 
  • No sales or transactions shall be made within GTAPoliceMods. This includes but not limited to: Selling mods in PMs, advertising
  • Gallery images must be your own images. Please do NOT upload gifs. Gifs can be uploaded on threads but not the gallery (they can be annoying and overstress the server)
  • Community Etiquette is important at GPM. Please make sure you are posting useful content that relates to that subject. Community Etiquette can be but not limited to...
    • Posting useful posts (ex: Do not post two worded responses, put some effort into your content)
    • File Descriptions (ex: Put some effort into your descriptions of your file upload(s).
    • Spelling/Grammar (We are not english majors, however do your best with spelling/grammar)
    • Staying on topic

Spamming/Excessive Content

  • Although this is pretty self explanatory, it is a good idea for us to lay down some guidelines when it comes to spam. Below are a few examples of possible spam violations.
    • Gallery Images: We understand you have many pictures to share with the community. However, please use common sense and make sure you are not posting the same images (or similar images). 
    • For more information on unwanted content that may be considered "Spam" please read the "User Content" section in the Community Guidelines.

(NEW) GPM Clubs

  • All clubs created on GPM must follow the GPM Guidelines listed here. Failure to follow GPM Guidelines may result in the club getting disbanded
  • GPM Club owners have the right to create their own rules/guidelines and administrate their club the way they want to. however, their custom made rules must not violate GPM Guidelines
    • GPM Staff will NOT take action on someones account if they violate a custom made rule made by the club owner/leader unless that user violates GPM guidelines.
  • You may NOT (indirectly/directly) charge members to join your club
  • GPM Management has the right to remove a club
  • You may not advertise other communities (excluding Community Affiliates)
    • You may advertise personal discord servers, github links, and other external download sites similar to github (as stated above, Community Affiliates may advertise their community within their own club)


  • No advertisements. This includes but not limited to: other communities, organizations, companies, referral links, etc.
  • No indirect advertisements. This includes but not limited to: posting a discord link that has content that can be purchased, etc


  • Use the "KISS" method (Keep It Short and Simple). Staff have the right to remove any signatures that violates our rules.

Downloads Section

  • Members can upload and download files from the downloads section, pertaining to each of the game’s categories. 
  • Files that contain parts unauthorized for public release or developmental use can’t be used for their own release
  • GTAPoliceMods does not condone the use of modifications for multiplayer games that give an unfair advantage to them or other players
  • You will not hold GTAPoliceMods or any entity associated within GTAPoliceMods responsible or any issues with your game
  • You will not leak or illegally distribute stolen/ripped content
  • Proper development credit shall be given
  • Those who upload files in the download section can now insert their PayPal.Me address to accept donations.
    • GTAPoliceMods is not responsible for any disputes, transactions/donations or fraud.
    • GTAPoliceMods does NOT keep record on who donates to the author of the content. In the event of a dispute please contact Paypal
    • A member shall NEVER be required to donate to the developer 
    • No special privileges shall be given to donators (early access, unlock parts, etc). Aka: donators shall not get anything in return
    • Use at your own risk

 Copyright / Downloadable Content

  • Under no circumstances should members of GTAPoliceMods upload anything that violates any Copyright law or violates the original author's Terms of Service.
  • GTAPoliceMods is not associated or affiliated in any way with Rockstar Games, Take Two Interactive or any respective parties. All content is owned by their respectful members.
  • Credit shall be given to it's respectful parties in the description of the mod

Payments and Billing

  • You agree that GTAPoliceMods does not guarantee anything.
  • You agree that GPM does NOT offer a service. All transactions are Donations. As stated above GPM does NOT guarantee anything.
  • We have the right to refuse payment for any reason from anyone.
  • All transactions are final (unless specifically mentioned in the item’s description)
  • Any digital item (VIP, donations, etc) are non-refundable
  • You agree to pay the amount shown on your invoice, this includes any auto-renewal options unless cancelled within 24 hours of payment
  • Any fraudulent activity (including but not limited to chargebacks) will lead to account termination and the proper authorities will be contacted.

(NEW) GPM Medals

  • GPM Offers rare community medals. Some medals are considered "Thank you" medals. Meaning, we do not directly sell the medals but given as a "Thank you".
  • Select GPM Medals CAN be traded with other members (create a support ticket for a request)
  • Some GPM Medals require human verification. Such as Verified Arm Forces, Law Enforcement, etc. If you do not feel comfortable in the verification process you are NOT required to do this. Simply, you will not receive that medal. (Please note that only the Community Manager will see verification requests, once we have successfully verified you, all attachments/pictures will be deleted). To request verification please create a support ticket.
  • The GPM Staff team has the power to deny, revoke or give medals at their discretion for any reason with or without notice.

Special User Groups

Verified Developer
GTAPoliceMods holds Verified Developers accountable for their actions. Members who are set as a Verified Developer agree to following

  • Any content posted on GTAPoliceMods has had the original author of that content consent to it being on the community
  • Agree that Verified Developer are not fully endorsed by GTAPoliceMods
  • Agree that no monetary exchange shall be made for any of their (or others) mods within GPM.
  • Has a good reputation within the GPM Community and the overall communities surrounding GTA

There is NO application process to become a Verified Developer. The Management Team gives that rank to members who upload high quality content regularly to GPM


GTAPoliceMods offers a premium usergroup to those who support GTAPoliceMods. To become a V.I.P you MUST purchase it in the store. Donations are not subject for V.I.P. status. Any content (BETA, private, etc) given to V.I.P. members shall remain private and not distributed. V.I.P. Members are not above the rules and are still subject to moderation actions against their accounts.

Community Affiliate

These are members who own and operate a gaming community. They are allowed to advertise ONLY in their signature and in their "About Me" profile page. Community Affiliates are NOT endorsed by GTAPoliceMods, however they meet our standards as a GPM Community Affiliate. To become a Community Affiliate please create a support ticket in the appropriate department and one of our Management Team members will follow up with you soon.

Community Affiliate Guidelines

  • Must have an active gaming community (Twitch, YouTube, GTA Community, etc)
  • Community must be in good standing within the GTA community
  • GTAPoliceMods has the right to add or remove a community at anytime for any reason with or without notice
  • GTAPoliceMods' guidelines still apply for Community Affiliates (no one is above the rules)
  • Community Affiliates may only advertise in the following places:
    • Profile "About Me" page
    • Signature space (text, logo and links are allowed as long as it is not annoying)
    • PMs (ONLY answering questions if someone PMs you about your community)
    • NOTE: Only one person within said community can have the "Community Affiliate" rank on GPM (owner, manager, etc)

Important Information

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