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  1. Hello, I've just come across the Radius/X/Y/Z option in the CAD. I have a question about these: what does it mean. I understand it has something to do with callouts (like radius is the radius for the callouts) but I couldn't find any documentation on how to set it up. Is radius the radius from the X/Y/Z position in KM or is the map split up into different radius'. Is the X/Y/Z the player spawn location or is it the centre of the radius? What happens if I have a statewide department (e.g SAHP, FIB etc). Thanks in advanced! Tiny2stary
  2. Hello! I've looked all over the internet but cannot find an answer to my question. So I've created my own FivePD server and while testing it out I saw that during pursuits you can see the blip of the suspect and no matter how far you get away you can still see their location. I feel like this is a big takeaway to the realism and I wondered if there was a way of disabling this feature (I have looked inside the files for a feature to disable but with no luck!). So any help will be greatly appreciated! Ethan
  3. So I've been trying to get FivePD Vanilla to work on Fivem to work. The server starts I can get registered as seen in the first image. This is my Server.CFG - Also tried taking out the "ensure Scoreboard" # This file is a minimal version of the default config file. # This is NOT supposed to be enough for a fully running server. # Please read the fivem documentation: # https://docs.fivem.net/docs/server-manual/server-commands/ # https://docs.fivem.net/docs/server-manual/setting-up-a-server/ ## You CAN edit the following: endpoint_add_tcp "" endpoint_add_udp "
  4. Hello! I've searched and searched on the internet for a script that disables an ELS siren when you exit a vehicle (a bit like the LSPDFR mod when when you press F the siren is disabled). I felt like this would be important on my server as it can get frustrating when there are multiple sirens blasting out and you must go into every individual car checking to find out which vehicle it is! Any help will be greatly appreciated! Ethan
  5. i added some cars to my fivepd server and it give me this error but still said it loaded the cars but when i tried to spawn them in-game it couldn't find the models (i tried all the different names for the models) the cars are from the Gwinnett County Sheriffs Office pack
  6. I am trying to make a simple EUP t-shirt and sweat shirt, but cannot find the name of the ytd for it. If someone has any of the ytd names, please let me know. A shirt like this: And a Sweatshirt like this:
  7. So before you say it doesn't work, ive played on 6 servers using the same coded(unmodified) ELS+ and I wanted to know if anyone experienced ELS vehicles not using lights(ai) and if anyone knows of a fix. Day 5 as of this post trying to solve.
  8. I am unable to search peds or vehicles for some reason, anyone know why this might be?
  9. So basically, I've installed everything to a T like it was supposed to according to BGHDDevelopment "FivePD ZapHosting Server Install Tutorial" on YouTube. I finally got the FivePD loading screen after I stopped using FileZila as a FTP and switched over to WinCP. Did a clean install of the lastest FivePD files and json files included in the FivePD download. Only after switching to WinCP did the FivePD loading screens appeared when I attempted to login to the server via FIveM. But, I'm stuck on the "awaiting scripts" loading screen. The F11 key will allow me to go On Duty, even when I'm
  10. Okay so when I try to import fivepd.sql I get this error, can anyone help out?
  11. I'm looking for the name of a arrest animation used in FivePD and LSPDFR when arresting a suspect, I hope you know what I'm talking about it, I need the exact name such as this: (Example: "anim@amb@warehouse@laptop@"
  12. Started resource fivepd server thread hitch warning: timer interval of 3653 milliseconds cfx> [ FivePD ] Validated `callouts.json`. [ FivePD ] Validated `mdt_vehicles.json`. [ FivePD ] Validated `charges.json`. [ FivePD ] Validated `disabled_callouts.json`. [ FivePD ] Validated `items.json`. [ FivePD ] Validated `vehicles.json`. [ FivePD ] Validated `loadouts.json`. [ FivePD ] Validated `coordinates.json`. [ FivePD ] Validated `menu.json`. [ FivePD ] Validated `questions.json`. [ FivePD ] An error has occured: Invalid config.json (JSON Parse Error) [ FivePD ] Unloa
  13. So recently I upraded from Fivepd version 1.1.4 to 1.2.8. It works fine but when I added more vehicles to the vehicles.json the F11 duty menu wont open. I had this issue before but was because I missed a " , " in the file. I'm having this same issue now but after looking at it and trying different ways, I still can't get the duty menu to work. The vehicles match the .ytd file, What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance
  14. How could I make a server that has vehicles where you need to be a certain rank to use them? Such as having a swat rank to use a bearcat. Or a captain rank to use a undercover vehicle.
  15. I have been downloading cars but when i get in them, the light light up and when i go to turn them on, only the back lights up, as the video tagged. How can i fix this? please respond with an awnser ASAP!! https://gyazo.com/ef3893b7c0fd49f0b84a367f8b8d9d14
  16. i cant get it to launch with police staitions can some help
  17. Romanj


  18. How do I change my status in the CAD? Right next to my unit number it says unavailable. For all the other players in my session it says they are available. And for some reason I cannot open my call out menu and I’ve trace that problem to my unavailable status. Players who are available, can open that menu but I cannot. I did change my Steam name from my original one, I thought that could be it so I changed it back but nothing happened. Any help?
  19. Hello firstly I apologise if ive requested support in the wrong way. So recently players on my FiveM server have noticed an SQL database error when inputting a citation. Ive now reinstalled the database from fresh and still, users are getting the error. Is this a known error or can it be fixed? Below is the error code:
  20. I open my cad by pressing b then I cannot close it tried pressing b and esc and I restarted fivepd
  21. I just recently created a fivepd server and right off the bat I have a problem where I can see cars despawning in the distance as I drive towards them. However, if I stay still they will come to me and then they wont despawn. There is little information on this problem and I saw one post that was the same exact problem with no fix. (https://forum.cfx.re/t/ai-issue-no-traffic-is-spawning/210457/19) People suggest checking my resources for anything with a "clearareaofvehicles" script however, this problem happens without ANY resources other than fivepd. I see that this post is before five
  22. Every time I add new callouts my callouts folder in FivePD, when I load into the game I don't have any callouts. No callouts generate randomly, and when I go into "Force Callouts", the menu is completely empty. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  23. Hay there, I recently installed FivePD onto my server and noticed that it was overrideing my server. Insted of it saying "playing Florida Roleplay" it now says "playing FivePD" how do I fix thanks so much.
  24. So.. Joined the discord server, and I'm stuck as unverified, yet I've done the process multiple times. My discord is connected to my GPM account.
  25. So the callout menu on Z and the computer don't work on my server.

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