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Found 27 results

  1. I just recently created a fivepd server and right off the bat I have a problem where I can see cars despawning in the distance as I drive towards them. However, if I stay still they will come to me and then they wont despawn. There is little information on this problem and I saw one post that was the same exact problem with no fix. (https://forum.cfx.re/t/ai-issue-no-traffic-is-spawning/210457/19) People suggest checking my resources for anything with a "clearareaofvehicles" script however, this problem happens without ANY resources other than fivepd. I see that this post is before fivepd's time so Im wondering if im just stupid and missed a critical part of the install that's causing or what. This is a pretty big problem for me because you know, its for fivepd. I kind of need AI to enforce the laws on At any rate I appreciate all help you guys provide, and thanks in advance!
  2. Every time I add new callouts my callouts folder in FivePD, when I load into the game I don't have any callouts. No callouts generate randomly, and when I go into "Force Callouts", the menu is completely empty. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hay there, I recently installed FivePD onto my server and noticed that it was overrideing my server. Insted of it saying "playing Florida Roleplay" it now says "playing FivePD" how do I fix thanks so much.
  4. So.. Joined the discord server, and I'm stuck as unverified, yet I've done the process multiple times. My discord is connected to my GPM account.
  5. So the callout menu on Z and the computer don't work on my server.
  6. I just got done doing a full setup of fivepd I fallowed the tutorial exactly but when I get in game I dont have the F11 menu or anything else I can only call for backup (or at least the menu pops up) I am setup as an admin so I have the debug menu, I can force callouts It pops up but there is no way for me to accept it ( I cant open the computer to do so) I also dont have the information that is supposed to be displayed in the upper left of the screen. I am sure im missing something. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  7. So I've done everything videos, FivePD guide, everything to get fivePD up and running but I don't know what's wrong.. I can see it's loadscreen but once in-game not happens. no fivePD sign left top corner, no F11 or nothing... I just need some help, I have discord iLotac#6390 I'm using Zap-Hosting.
  8. Hey, my start.bat works fine and it starts the server. I can join the server perfectly fine and join the server, but it says in the start.bat that it couldn't find a database. So I can't see any police stations on the map and I have no menus. Any fix to this? Thank you.
  9. Hello, don't know what to say really. I'm sure I have set everything up currently but I keep on getting a server fatal Error ? Can anyone help me out here?
  10. Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to add and change locations of police departments. Please tell me how I would be able to change and configure this. Thank you.
  11. i cant get it to launch with police staitions can some help
  12. Hay is there a way to make it so when clocked in as a police you get LEO call outs but then clocked in as a fire get fire call outs? i could not find anything about this someone please help
  13. After finishing callouts killed suspect or arrested one's blip wont go away. Also after taking fine and dismissing suspects blips doesnt go.
  14. Hey, I need help with FivePD, I have setup the folders for my server how there meant to be, fivepd loads and starts and it connects to the database, but when I go in-game it doesn't seem to work, Nothing shows on the minimap and none of the menus pop up (even F11) I am using the latest FivePD update. Here is a screenshot of my server console when it starts fivepd.
  15. I don't know what the problem is, everything loads up correctly, it's a fresh server, the database connects, and I only have a few police cars. It gets stuck on "Awaiting scripts", when I join the server.
  16. I try starting the resource, it does fine server side, but until someone loads in. Once a player has loaded in, it gives me this error: https://gyazo.com/4b424028cd10f2f5e7da2421f7a32119 When I don't run FivePD, my server does fine. I've tried it on two different computers and nothings helped. Here's what I've done: Re-installed Switched computers Clean Install Updated Went back to previous versions Cleared server cache Disabled it from server start, then enabled it once players are in Nothings working. I have no idea how to solve this.
  17. For some reason I'm unable to open and edit any files in FileZilla now all the sudden with Notepad++, I keep receiving these error messages for everything? https://gyazo.com/353737202b2b989d9164784ed550c487 https://gyazo.com/817d0896f8ef93ea190c01516855fbbe https://gyazo.com/42486fed22d6bc1e1f9f95bf69503db2
  18. So I had been running the previous version of FivePD in a ZAP hosted fine for the past week or so and decided to upgrade to the most recent version that came out. I've tried reinstalling, confirming credentials in the config.json file, still nothing. Here are some links to screenshots! https://gyazo.com/5ec0af09a2b3d201e4d4be72a92aecb9 https://gyazo.com/2e15fc6df293e61e33f3e0ae57d1ea33
  19. I have been downloading cars but when i get in them, the light light up and when i go to turn them on, only the back lights up, as the video tagged. How can i fix this? please respond with an awnser ASAP!! https://gyazo.com/ef3893b7c0fd49f0b84a367f8b8d9d14
  20. so I did everything on the fivepd wiki to install the fivepd and i get the loading screen and on the consul it says nothing about a problam, but in the game there is nothing from fivepd, (no f11 or police blips) like it's not started can anyone help me with that please?
  21. Hello how do I do that if I'm in police job I will use FivePD and if I'm not in police job I'm not using the FivePD mod
  22. How do I change the Blue screen of the car computer to a different one?
  23. When I import the sql into the database, everything is highlighted green except two messages at the very bottom. The error is as follows: mysqli_real_connect(): Headers and client library minor version mismatch. Headers:50560 Library:100130 I strongly believe this to be the reason I cannot play. Everything else works as it should, I just cannot get the database to work.
  24. How does one go about adding on vehicles into FivePD?? Any help would be fantastic. Thank you!!
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