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Found 96 results

  1. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Just a simple translation of basic fivepd menues (F11, Z, X, G) to Russian.This must be useful for some russian servers if they exist at all Перевод базовых меню FivePD (F11, Z, X, G) на русский. Делал, чтобы мои дети могли играть. Старался, чтобы всё было логично и не выходило за поля.
  2. Version 1.4.0


    SCENARIOS Homicide A caller is reporting the discovery of a dead body, and dispatch is requesting an officer to respond code 3. Upon officer arrival, the body can be approached to discover observational information about the victim via a notification. The witness can be interacted with by pressing "E" to progress through their dialogue, and is ready to spill the beans about what they saw. The victim can be search by pressing "E", to which you'll discover clues to help you in your investigation. After investigating and receiving a description of the murder suspect, investigate the area -- they may still be around. If your suspect becomes aggressive and dies, or an "accident" happens, you can search the suspect's corpse for clues by pressing "E". There are a total of five different killer profiles, 32 hand picked locations, and a 50/50 chance as to whether or not the murder suspect will flee or simply continue to attempt to act natural upon discovery. Click here to see a video demo of the homicide callout. Shoplifting A caller is reporting some suspicious activity within a clothing store, respond and investigate. Locate the shoplifting suspect and interact with them by pressing "E" to progress through the dialogue. After hearing their story, make a decision on how you'll respond -- are they a career criminal, or are they down on their luck? Are you a by-the-book cop, or perhaps someone who occasionally will let one slide? There are a total of five different shoplifter profiles, and all 14 clothing stores across San Andreas available. Overdose [SCENARIO ONE]: A caller is reporting a vehicle occupied by a driver who is slumped over. When they looked in the window, they saw a bottle of prescription pills open in the passenger seat. They believe the victim has overdosed, respond code 3 and administer narcan. [SCENARIO TWO]: A caller is reporting an overdose at a residence. Respond code 3, speak with the witness on-scene, administer narcan, and investigate. Locate the vehicle, pull the victim out of the car, and administer narcan by pressing "E". There is a chance the victim will succumb to the overdose. Search the vehicle and the victim to gather more information on their story and to help influence your response and resolution. There are a total of five different possible vehicle and victim inventory setups/scenarios. 911 Hang-up Call Dispatch received a call that was silent, and then disconnected in a matter of seconds. Dispatch attempted to contact the caller, but could not get in touch with them. Dispatch is requesting a unit to respond and investigate the scene, the location of the call has been patched through. This callout features 27 possible locations scattered across San Andreas, and by default has no department restrictions. There are five distinct possible scenarios, each with their own individual possible outcomes, and a variety of AI behavior. Possible scenarios include: an elder who is unsure of how to operate their phone, a prank call, a kidnapping, a murder, or an ambush. If the situation calls for it, approach the individuals and press "E" to speak to individuals on scene. PLANNED FEATURE UPDATES & ADDITIONAL CALLOUTS There are no planned feature updates at this time. KNOWN BUGS / ISSUES N/A If you experience any bugs, or want to just share an idea for this pack with me, please feel free to get into contact with me so I may investigate or evaluate.
  3. I'm trying to add new callouts to my server. I followed the instructions and installed a few callouts before without an issue. Once I added the callouts today, I cant force anymore callouts or receive any on duty. Can anyone help me out?
  4. Hi, we just updated our server to v1.1 with the hotfix and MDT is not working in some addon vehicles but not others where they were working with them before the most recent update. Here is my mdt_vehicles.json, https://pastebin.com/aEjjGm0X Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. From the album: ShelbyMods

    © ShelbyMods

  6. Version 2.1


    This modification adds an additional street race call out for the FivePD FiveM resource. I've so far managed to implement a few nice features to prevent the call from being identical at every time it flags up. For example, there are random vehicle models that spawn for the street race, as well as a smple checkpoint randomization algorithm. This means that hopefully you'll see some variety in the route of each street race, and I'll hopefully keep working on it to improve this over time! Currently as it stands, 3 suspect vehicles are involved in the street race and will follow the same randomly generated route as each other. Their blip will disappear if you get too far from them so be careful and plan your approach well! If you are experiencing issues, please don't be afraid to report it on the GitHub issues page for the resource (Click) Installation Extract FivePD-StreetRace.net.dll from the archive Drag FivePD-StreetRace.net.dll into the callouts folder located under resources/fivepd/callouts Restart FivePD and calloutmanager GitHub Repository: Click here
  7. Version 1.0.1


    I created an SQL file for those who have no idea which ranks & departments there are. Just import this sql file into your MySQL database and you're good to go.
  8. Version 1.2.0 [With Quick Fix]


    SCENARIOS [NEW] Silent Alarm - On-Time Arrival A silent alarm has been triggered at the Vangelico Jewelry store, and nearby witnesses say the suspects are still inside. They're armed, dangerous, and holding hostages. Respond code 3 and clear the store. AI robbers will patrol the store until officers approach the entrance, and then they will become violent. There are a static number of robbers and hostages at this time. No laser aim. The AI have been scaled to match the accuracy standards used by Rockstar Games in the singleplayer campaign for a better experience. Silent Alarm - Late Arrival Due to the chaotic circumstances during the robbery, store staff was unable to trigger the alarm in time. Now, the robbers are on their way out to their getaway vehicle. Get to the scene, and stop them. 50% chance the responding officer may take shots from the suspects. No laser aim. The AI have been scaled to match the accuracy standards used by Rockstar Games in the singleplayer campaign for a better experience. PLANNED FEATURE UPDATES Expansion This callout may turn into a Robberies callout pack, which would encompass the banks, stores, and possibly home interiors (Franklin, Michael, Trevor, and the few others scattered around the map). Possible expansion of scenarios, scenes, etc. KNOWN BUGS / ISSUES N/A If you experience any bugs, or want to just share an idea for this pack with me, please feel free to get into contact with me so I may investigate or evaluate.
  9. Shelby Modifications


    From the album: ShelbyMods

    © ShelbyMods

  10. Shelby Modifications


    From the album: ShelbyMods

    © ShelbyMods

  11. Shelby Modifications


    From the album: ShelbyMods

    © ShelbyMods

  12. Shelby Modifications


    From the album: ShelbyMods

    © ShelbyMods

  13. Version 1.0.2


    Callouts Knife crime Stab victim Man with machete Drunk and disordely ANPR Hit No vehicle insurance Caller hungup How to install: Copy the BritishCallouts into FivePD/Callouts on the FiveM server! What's to come: More callouts ANPR Hit randomness (Comply or Run)
  14. TF1A3

    discord bot

    So I use zap hosting and Ive been trying to add the bot to my sever but I keep getting a invalid ip error so now I dont know what to put
  15. Version 1.4.1


    SQUIBSIE'S FIVEPD CALLOUT PACK DISCORD: https://discord.gg/gfY3kgk This pack is a selection of callouts for the FiveM modification FivePD. At time of writing the callouts were compatible with the latest version of FivePD. However, given the constantly changing state of FivePD its likely these may break as the FivePD dev team make changes. Please report any breaks here so that I can look to fix things. Currently, there appears limited functionality to call the end of a callout, so on completion the player has to clear the call in the menu. [IMPORTANT!] DEPARTMENT NAMES AND 'JURISDICTION': For the 'jurisdiction' features of some callouts, your departments MUST be named specific things. The currently used departments are as follows: "Los Santos Police Department" "Blaine County Sheriffs Office" "San Andreas Highway Patrol" "San Andreas Park Rangers" "Los Santos University Police" "San Andreas Fire Department" By using these names, some callouts will only spawn callouts at location within that dept's jurisdiction area. This prevents LSPD officers winding up in Sandy Shores and vice versa. If you wish to bypass this, and get all the locations for one dept, just name them something else E.G "Los Santos Police Dept" and the F8 console will display a message to say all the lcoations are being rolled. Alternatively, for 'single department' servers, I have added callsign support for certain callout types. The detection works by the first few letters so for instance a PARKS callsign could be PARKS-01 and the detection would still work. This will allow a player to be in a different department, for instances LSPD, but set their callsign to "PARKS-01" or similar so that they also get PARKS type calls. Or be in BCSO but set their callsign to LSPD to still get LSPD locations for jobs etc. Below are compatible Callsign Types: PARKS Callouts: -"PARKS" -"RANGER" LSPD Callouts: -"LSPD" -"CITY" BCSO Callouts: -"BCSO" Highway Patrol Callouts: -"SAHP" -"TRAFFIC" LSU Police: - "LSUP" The code for this feature can be found here: CALLOUTS: At present there are two callouts available. More will be added frequently! ArrestWarantLowRisk (Medium probability) A simple 'arrest warrant' callout whereby players have to respond to the location marked and look for a wanted male. The same NPC model is spawned everytime, and no blip is placed on the person. The player has to area search for the suspect from the description given on the MDT (hence the same NPC model being used). When they come in reasonable range of the suspect, there will be a random chance that they will flee (50% chance), Surrender (35% chance) or attack the player (15% chance). In the case of the latter, they are the armed with a knife. This callout will spawn in random locations within a certain, reasonable range of the player. Unfortunately, this does lead to some cases where the NPC spawns in odd places like the highway or in multi-storey car-parks. As such sometimes by coming into the area the suspect will activate and flee and you'll never find them as they run out of area. It also leads to some epic footchases! HighRiskWarrantCallout (Low Probability) This callout sees the player tasked to attend a fixed location in the docks where multiple armed males are believed to be. The intention with this callout that the player calls for assistance and they tackle the call as a strategic team. This would also lend favour to re-equpping as SWAT and attending the location to take the males into custody. On arrival at the scene, the NPCs will attack the player so extreme caution, and likely a crime scene afterwards is required! Beach Fight (Medium Probability) A call will come in about males fighting on the beachfront. I thought this to be a busy, but underused area for callouts. So this should add some activity (and likely some wrecked cop cars). The callout will spawn randomly at 3 different locations where 3 males can be found fighting. This callout supports jurisdictions and will only spawn if you are in Los Santos Police Department or have the callsigns for LSPD. Suicidal Person On Ledge (Low Probability) A suicidal person is on a ledge, you must attend and negotiate them off the ledge! Say the wrong thing and they'll jump! There are 11 possible locations for this callout, and positive and negative outcomes with extended dialogue. This callout occurs in locations all over the map, not just LS! This callout is jurisdiction compatible with locations selected specific for LSPD, BCSO and SAHP. Should you be in a department that is not one of these, it will default to spawn this call at any of the 11 locations. Stricken Watercraft (Low Probability) A boat has come into complications, and you need to go and rescue the owner. They have reported smelling smoke, so don't leave it too late! There are 3 possible locations for this, including 2 in LS and 1 in BC. This callout will require access to a boat or some skillful helicopter flight! It's best to board and grab the driver of the boat using the normal fivem mechanisms. This callout is jurisdiction compatible with locations specific for LSPD and BCSO. If you are in a different dept, all 3 locations have a chance to spawn. Parks Abandoned Vehicle (Medium Probability) This call will ONLY spawn if you are in the "San Andreas Park Rangers" department, there is no bypass as with other jurisdiction enabled calls. Yep, ranger specific calls! A suspicious or abandoned vehicle has been called in, attend and investigate. It could be empty, in which case, is it worth getting it towed? It could have an occupant, why are they here, what are they doing? Maybe they'll not hang around long enough for you to find out! This has positions for LSPD, PARKS and BCSO using the department area functionality. For this callout, the dept name/callsign does not matter as long as the area is correct. FIRE CALLOUTS These calls involve fire, while it is possible to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher, it is generally advised to have access to a fire truck with a water cannon as this will work far more effectively. The in-game FD backup you can call doesn't usually work with these fires due to the way the game engine generates them These callouts come with a credit to Albo's FireScript (https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-fire-script-by-albo1125/275069) which I have used in a modified form to work within fivePD callouts. All the fires are programmed to clear if you cancel the call. Some small flames may remain until players exit the area. Small Fire (Medium Probability) A small fire has been reported, like a bin or bush fire. You need to secure the area or try to put it out! This callout is medium probability. This callout supports jurisdictions and has set locations for BCSO, SAPR and LSPD. It also looks for "Los Santos Fire Department" but this will only act to ensure that if you are in a department called Los Santos Fire Department, then you have access to all the locations. It is advisable you have access to a fire truck with the water cannon. While you can extinguish the fires with the fire extinguisher, it's quite a challenge! Developing Fire (Low Probability) This callout sees you called with regards to a large fire breaking out, the fire will spread if it's not extinguished fast enough! You'll certainly need fire department help to solve this one! This callout is low probability. This callout does support jurisdictions, with special locations for LSPD, LSUP, BCSO and PARKS. You will need access to player controlled water cannons to effectively clear this scene. The callouts are provided in separate files so you can choose which calls to add, and also helps in case something breaks with one call. If you enjoy this callout pack, please consider a five star review and leaving a comment! Also please post any videos where my callouts appear in the comments! **I am lead to believe these will be compatible with with no rebuild as per the forum announcement, any issues please let me know**
  16. Version 1.0.1


    Now compatible with FivePD 1.1 Kidnapping Raid Locations Franklin's house on Forum Dr. Features Raid a house with an unknown amount of suspect to save a person that was kidnapped. Other Information If there are any bugs or if you have any feedback, feel free to message me on the forums. I hope you enjoy! This callout is still under development and more features will be added soon.
  17. Version 1.0.1


    Updated spanish translation for Fivepd 1.1 Traducción española actualizada para Fivepd 1.1 FIXED ERRORS Discord: Sete#1787
  18. Version 1.0.3


    I WILL NOT BE UPDATING THIS CALLOUT. This is a callout for a suicidal person. Get to the scene and investigate what is going on with the subject. 2 LOCATIONS: Sandy Shores and Los Santos I am still new to scripting and callout development so any feedback is appreciated
  19. Version 1.0.2


    MAJOR UPDATE Car Carrier Pursuit About This callout involves you responding to a person stealing a car carrier. It is up to you to stop the suspect before they bring it back to their base. Locations Premium Deluxe Motorsport's (Los Santos) Larry's RV Sales (Sandy Shores) (More will be added in future updates) Possible Flee Locations Bayview Lodge (Paleto Forest) (More will be added in future updates) BUG REPORTS/FEATURE REQUEST/OPEN SOURCE INFORMATION This call out is open source! See here If there are any bugs, feedback, or suggestions, feel free to message me on the forums or open an issue on the github repo. See credits for original inspiration.
  20. Version 0.0.17


    Welcome to the Car Callouts page! (FivePD Exclusive) Descriptions This callout pack includes the following: - Pursuit of Armed Suspects - Pursuit of Armed Suspects (Van) - Stolen Police Car - Stolen Police Car (With Hostage) - Stolen Firetruck - Stolen Ambulance - Car Driving Backwards - Slow Driver - Reckless Driver - Oversized Vehicle - Small Vehicle Driver Version Information This pack is built for FivePD 1.0.6+ If you have issues please message me on site or on my discord for support. Images (Car driving backwards) (Slow Driver) (Armed Driver Pursuit) (Oversized Vehicle) Video Showcase This callout pack has been used in a bunch of videos! Here are some by Jeff & Buggs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj4-thmRAFI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzJZGoGJAi4 Support & Feedback Please contact us on our support discord for help. https://bghddevelopment.com/discord If you wish to suggest a feature please do so on our feedback site. https://feedback.bghddevelopment.com
  21. So my Vehicle.json and mdt cad is updated to the same. FivePD works fine. G opens the dispatch menu. But the MDT and everything else does not open. Ive checked the console and saw no errors in the FivePD area. But the MDT doesnt work in any vehicles whether its stock or addon.
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