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Found 133 results

  1. Inferno Collection: Weapons Public Beta Version 1.3 Adds fire modes to the weapons of your choice, as well as more realistic reloads (including disabling automatic reloads), consistent flashlights (stay turned on even when weapon is not being aimed), more blood when injured, and limping after being injured. Presently, the following can be customized: Which weapons have what fire mode. Which weapons do and do not have a reticle. Whether weapons should start on Safety or semi-automatic Which blood effects are used. Development Showcase Video (Showing Version 1.21 Beta) Development Showcase Video (Showing Version 1.26 Beta) Download Link https://github.com/inferno-collection/Weapons/releases Check out the Wiki for an installation guide, as well as to find out how to use the resource. If you have any troubles, suggestions, feedback, etc, please check the Wiki and/or create a new issue on GitHub. Thank you to everyone that helped test this resource. The Inferno Collection Team ChristopherM Scott_UK FrozenN00b Like what you see? Check out our other resource. Why is this posted here and not in the download section? See here.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    My first model, it is a FPIS with a valor lightbar, and multiple ions. Has a dashlight as well. It comes with a template https://imgur.com/a/B2x5efe
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Big Wet Hose This mod replaces the default fire extinguisher with a stream of high-powered water (Command Toggle). In the future this mod will feature a realistic nozzle attachment, the ability to connect a line to a Hydrant or a Truck, and a actual hose-line. Installation Add "hose" to your fivem resources folder Add "start hose" to your server.cfg Optional : Install Albo.1125's Fire Script Usage To enable the hose effect, type /hose in the chat or hose in console Thanks for downloading, Robinson#7901 Github Page : https://github.com/symeRobinson/BigWetHose/blob/master Support Discord : https://discord.gg/8P4amrR
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is my first ever car that I have made. I didn't want to jump straight into lighting, so instead I decided that I would make a 2018 Dodge Charger. I do ask nicely that you do not mess with the car and call it yours. Please note: I do not own any of the parts on this car, there are all dev parts you can find off of LSPDFR. I am going to be making a pack of these cars soon! Add me on Discord for more info James L. | CIV-421#2094
  5. Version 1.0.1


    My Discord:https://discord.gg/KQK5VGp This is my first ever free release and I am very happy to be releasing it. I put a lot of effort into this car and I think it turned out great. Please download it and have fun. Almost all lights are extras and it has the ability to be marked, slick top and unmarked. Contact me at Nick_#1381
  6. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    base modelhttps://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/vehiclemodels/29651-non-els-2020-tahoe-bb-valor/ join my discord discord.gg/vRVv3UM
  7. Hello, I have installed some new addons for FivePD from this website but after stating my server the got the error. [FIVEPD] An error occured. Cound't Load the Loadout Config Data. How can I solve this issue? I have attached screenshots for better understanding. Please Check! Thank you.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This mod adds all police stations, county sheriff offices, highway patrol, and the 3 federal agencies to your cad. When you install this, it will replace your current departments and is intended for first time server set up to save you the time it would normally take to create departments. Adds a total of 18 departments to CAD 9 Los Santos Police Department Mission Row Davis Sheriff Vinewood La Mesa Paletto Bay Vespucci Rockford Hills Vespucci Beach Del Perro 3 County Sheriffs Sandy Shores Los Santos County Sheriffs Blaine County Sheriff Office (BCSO) 2 Park Rangers Beaver Bush Rangers San Andreas State Park Rangers 1 San Andreas State San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP) 3 Federal Agencies Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) International Affairs Agency (IAA) National Office of Secuirty Enforcement (NOOSE) Installation: 1. Download the rar file. 2. Extract using a program like WinRAR, WinZip or 7Zip. 3. Open your database using XAMPP. 4. Click on your database on the sidebar on the left. 5. Find "departments." Click "Drop." This will delete your existing department to make room for the new ones. 6. A warning box will pop up saying you are about to destroy a complete table. Leave the checkbox checked and click OK. 7. At the top bar, click Import. 8. Next to "Browse your computer": Click "Choose file." 9. Locate departments.sql where you extracted it and click "Open." 10. Click "Go" in the bottom right corner. 11. At the top of the page it should have a green checkbox and say "Import has been successfully finished". Close your database and restart your server.
  9. Version


    its a mask dont ask how to install because i wont care
  10. Hello, I have FivePD installed on my FiveM server and after the latest update I can't seem to get the "B" or computer to work. It pulls up the cursor but nothing else as well as when I hit "B" I have to restart my game because nothing will work then after. I have tried restarting my server, cleaning my cache, and ensured the vehicles I'm trying are emergency vehicles and in the MDT vehicle menu. Any help would be huge.
  11. Version 0.3


    What is this This is a web interface for FivePD, this uses the same database as your FivePD, and reads the data to display on a website, this will allow you to see how your officers are doing in-game. Note: This is more of a debug and monitoring tool, this website will allow you to monitor the in-game players stats! Requirements FivePD Setup fully A web server Features: User info Department info Report info Arrest Report info Citation info How to install: Drag the "FivePDDashboard" folder into your webserver Open the "FivePDDashboard" folder, then edit the "database.php" file to match your database details Support: For support please join my Discord Server and submit a support ticket. https://discord.gg/WXFsXBv Note: This does not support mobile devices! Please read the FAQ to see if your question has been answered already!
  12. Version 1.0.4


    Callouts Stab victim Suspect with machete Drunk and disordely ANPR Hit Moped Crime Stolen Vehicle Shoplifting Public Indecency Possible Overdose How to install: Drag the "BritishCallouts" folder into FivePD/Callouts/ in your resources folder! Support: For support please join my Discord Server and submit a support ticket. https://discord.gg/WXFsXBv
  13. Romanj


  14. Version 1.0.0


    A Lightfix customized to stream .dat files on a FiveM Server.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    This Mod replaces the stock GTA 5 Radio, Map, and Weapon icons with colored variants of them. There are 3 versions of the mod in the download folder. - Stock Weapons. This version has all the stock GTA 5 weapons but a colored version. - Real Weapons. This version has a realistic Taser Icon based off the x26, a Colt M4A1 replacing the Carbine Rifle, a Glock 17 Icon Replacing the Combat Pistol, and a ASP Baton Icon replacing the stock baton. - Real Weapons w/ Taser Shotgun. This version has all the same replacement icons as the Real Weapons, plus a Yellow Shotgun For the Pump Shotgun, resembling the Taser Shotgun.
  16. So ive noticed since updating that whenever you press LT on controller it cuffs peds and kicks you out of your own vehicle even if driving is there a fix for it or does anyone even know about the issue? PS. When can we get a reliable controller friendly update or script? not everyone is godly with keyboard and mouse
  17. so i setup my Fivem server database and all that everything works fine but when i load in the loading screen works and all that but i can open up my menus anyone know a fix
  18. =============================== This was a spur of the moment post, Admin Team. If I am overstepping or out of bounds with this one, please let me know. I'll remove it immediately.========================== For all those who are wondering, yes! FivePD and FiveM's ESX DO work together! Much of this is going to resemble the official setup guide given by the authors and administrative team of FivePD itself. Fair warning. If you need a secondary reference to the FivePD install, I invite you to check in there. There is a link on step 6 associated with this setup guide. My method of setup involves the following: -------> If you have a Zaphosting server, FivePD installed, and an FTP Browser, skip down to the point of no return: Step 12. As well, be sure that your server is "Stopped" before beginning this process. <---------- 1.) Get a server from Zap Hosting (Obviously, as this topic's title suggests) 2.) Go to "Resources" on your Zaphosting Dashboard 3.) Find and Install ESX Full Pack ZAP REPO using the one-click option available a. Configure ESX as you see fit 4.) Return to your Dashboard and scroll down to "FTP - Browser" 5.) Install one of the provided FTP-Browsers (Hint: Filezilla is a popular choice). 6.) Set up your Filezilla so that it connects successfully to your ZapHosting server by: a. Finding your Host IP, Username, Password and Port information on: Zaphosting Dashboard -> FTP-Browser (see figure below) b. Input all of these items in their respective spots on Filezilla c. Click "server -> connect" <--------- "figure below" <-------------- "Respective spots on Fivezilla" and "Server -> Connect" 6.) If you haven't already, download FivePD from: *** Also find the FivePD Official Setup Guide by Natixco is here!!! Follow it if you're lost or want to check your (and my) work regarding the following steps! *** 7.) Unzip FivePD to a location (file or desktop) that you can easily find. 8.) On your now-connected Filezilla, open the "resources" folder found in "server-data" 9.) Drag and drop your "fivepd" file into this "resources" folder. *** WARNING: IT IS VERY EASY TO ACCIDENTALLY DROP A FOLDER INTO ANOTHER FOLDER, MAKE SURE YOU DROP FIVEPD INTO AN OPEN SPACE INSIDE THE "RESOURCES" FOLDER!!! *** 10.) Go back to "server-data", find server.cfg, right-click it and hit "Edit". This should open the cfg in a word-like editor. If it doesn't, make sure it does. (Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, etc.) 11.) Depending on your operating system (Linux, Windows, etc.), add line: "ensure fivepd" (space included) OR "start fivepd" amidst the many others, save, and close that editor. When prompted on Filezilla, be sure to hit "Yes" to overwriting. ================================================================ Point of No Return! Don't Muck Up! ================================================================================= 12.) Go to Zaphosting Dashboard and scroll down to Database! YOU MUST (MUST) CREATE A NEW DATABASE, otherwise uninstalling FivePD is going to be a pain and a half should you ever get tired of EVERYBODY being able to be five oh. 13.) Once that Database is created, click on the "manage" button of THAT NEWLY CREATED DATABASE (IT'LL BE THE SECOND ONE, DAMN IT! [unless you have tons of other databases for some odd reason, then it'll be the latest one]), it'll navigate you to the login screen of that database. 14.) Once there, input your username and password (which are provided to you on the "Database" page you were just navigated from.) When you're logged in, you should be looking at a blank database. If it isn't blank, STOP AND GO BACK TO ZAPHOSTING TO ENSURE THAT YOU CLICKED "MANAGE" ON THE NEW DATABASE. 15.) On the left panel, there will be a "Structure", should be an alphanumeric [a mix of letters and numbers] that read: zapxxxxxx-x. Click it. This is to ensure that you place the next step in the correct location. HINT: If you click on the alphanumeric and a list DOES NOT cascade, that indicates that it is, in fact, the new database. 16.) Take (drag) that fivepd.sql file so graciously provided by our epic authors of this epic mod 17.) Return to Filezilla, find your "fivepd" folder in the "resources" folder. We are looking for the "config.json". Open this in an editor. I personally find Visual Studio Code 2019 to be very handy. 18.) Input your: username, password, host and database between the quotation marks provided. DO NOT edit the "Port". If you do, FivePD won't be able to navigate to your database when your server is started. a. Username, password, host and database info all found on your Zaphosting dashboard -> Database (the same info you used to access your new database earlier. Make sure you are inputting the information for that new database. OTHERWISE: FivePD won't run. Why? Because you directed it to a database that didn't have the required fivepd.sql. Silly rabbit. 19.) Have fun. Kick off your server and Patrol w/FivePD when there are no players to RP with, RP because there's no time to save the citizens of Townsville. Or do both! Enjoy guys! Stay true! Peace! -AF
  19. In my server, my friends and I can barely do any callouts because when we respond the AI (for a majority of the time) just stands there and does nothing. Sometimes the callouts work later on (somewhat), however not consistently enough to enjoy the game. I do not know if it is a resource that breaks it or if it is that some of the callouts are problematic (because most of them I have seen are 1.1.4 or fairly recent if I remember correctly). I was wondering if anyone knew any way to troubleshoot. **I didn't include a screenshot of my callouts as I am using car callouts which is 1.1.4 so I am almost positive it is a resource that is hurting the AI.**
  20. Version 1.0.0


    2005 FORD EXCURSION FIRE VEHICLE NON-ELS TEMPLATED __ FEATURES Multi-Livery Support RED/RED Headlight LEDs _ EXTRAS Extra 1 - Pushbar Extra 2 - Light Bar Extra 3 - Rear Dominator Extra 4 - Back Doors Closed Extra 5 - Back Doors Open Extra 6 - Dual Exhaust Tips __ CREDITS Base Model By: lazlow555 Side Runners/Tracers - Krul Rear Window Lighting - OfficerFive0 Lightbar - Krul Template - Medic909
  21. Version 1.0.0


    My Second Free Vehicle , Join My Discord https://discord.gg/fGtKHqq!! ---- What this car includes ---- 2018 Dodge Charger With Full Light System And Custom LSPD Livery!! ---- GTA5 INSTALLATION: ---- 1. Download OpenIV from www.openiv.com, install it and open GTA V for Windows. 2. locate the .ytd of the car you want to add livery too. 3. Click on the "Edit Mode" button on the top bar. 4. Open the .ytd+ and find the _sign.1. 5. Click Replace at the top and choose the right file. 7. Click Save 8. Close OpenIV and start the game!
  22. Release Date: 08/28/19 Compatibility: Non-ELS Price: 250$ for the Full Pack or 30$ each if purchased individually. The Long awaited Federal Signal / Valor Pack! This pack has been planned for a long time and is finally here! It features ALL Federal Signal lighting ,and even the FS Vision Rotator Lightbar! It mimics what a IRL Department would have by having brand new stuff to the older left over stuff. Everything from the siren controller to the patterns is accurate to Federal Signal. This pack, similar to whelen pack can go fully marked and unmarked via extras, and even this time around includes a Civilian Version of all vehicles with purchase! Here are the Included Vehicles, Features, and Extras- 2018 Dodge Charger 2014 Dodge Charger 2013 Chevrolet Caprice 2016 Ford Taurus 2011 Ford Crown Victoria 2019 Dodge Durango 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe 2016 Ford Explorer 2003 Ford Expedition 2006 Chevrolet Tahoe Extras & Features Include - Can go Fully Unmarked, and Marked, Via Extras Toggleable Lightbar, Visor bar, And Decklight Toggleable Grille Lights Toggleable Rambar & Rambar Wrap Toggleable ALPR’s, & Trunk antennas Toggleable Wobble and Roof Antennas Toggleable Spotlights (Open & Closed) Toggleable Lightbar TA & Rear inner TA Bar (Rotator Vehicles Only) Features 2 Vehicles with a Rotary Lightbar Working Gauges, Breakable Glass throughout all Versions Include (All Included with Purchase) All Blue Version Red & Blue Version Civilian Version Credits & Special Thanks to: @Cööĸﻨεร²⁵⁶⁸ & @GOD for Screenshots @Zeakor , @Riva @itsclark @JBD & @Blaster For meta contributions @BillyJ for Skin Creations @DJCave For YTD Reductions, Screenshot Uploading, and Owners Manual Edits GeorgieMoon & Matt-I-P For Base Model Contributions, & Lightbar RobertTM For Vision Lightbar & Rear Signal Master Five0 For Vipers, & Micropulse and Various Lighting Contributions BransonDuck for Window Guards Join the discord here: http://discord.gg/redneckmods
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Join my discord - https://discord.gg/8ZrrnHF Mini Hoodie Pack: What Does it include? 9 textures 1 - X( Face 2 - YOU GOT GAPPED 3 - GTR Picture 4 - FNF Picture 5 - Tape Offwhite 6 - Stoned Spongebob 7 - OK BOOMER 8 - SUPREME 9 - ASTROWORLD Civ Clothing: What Does it include? 5 Hoodies 3 T-Shirts 2- Hats Numbers: Mini Hoodie Pack- vMenu - #7 Lambda - #6
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome To Brandon Devs I am mainly a skin/texture dev if you would like to get support or help and an understanding on how to make liveries Join my discord at https://discord.gg/wMgCxHT This Vehicle is made for any 2016 ford explorer Livery 1 - Standard Pacific Bank Logo Livery 2 - Pacific Bank Logo with a supervisor logo My TOS: 1. Do not use any of my work as yours 2. If you use any of my work in a pack must credit me 3. Refunds will only be given if the issue is unfixable
  25. Version 2.5


    I decided to share my StreamDeck profile. I understand that not everyone has access to one, or wants one. This actually gives more realism. Simulates sitting in a patrol car controlling the light panel. So what does it do? Well it allows you to control your lights and sirens via Lux Vehicle Controller. (my keybinds could be different than yours adjust if you need to) Honks your horn Toggles all FivePD menus(Including Able Gaming's Interaction Menu) Sets Cruise Control Lets you set either Mimic, Follow or Marker to safely move your traffic stop Toggles ALPR's Enters CAD/MDT Install instructions are inside the FAQ for this release
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