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  1. Hello, Just curious as to why there is a FiveM market place, as nothing can actually be sold there, as that would violate the FiveM terms of service: https://fivem.net/terms Thanks, - Christopher
  2. Yes In which case you can whitelist them for the commands, and can even autotune them if you want to, then you can disable the reminder option in the configuration and if they happen to be auto-tuned when they join the server and plan to play as a civ, they can just detune themselves with the command.
  3. That would depend on what framework you are using, if any. Anyone one on the whitelist can access any commands they are whitelisted for at any time.
  4. Now live on Github; make sure you don't blindly drag-and-drop to update, take a look at the new configuration options, a visit the whitelisting wiki page if you want help setting up Auto Tuning
  5. Images from the Police Panic Resource.
  6. If you would like to talk about the resource, follow the link and comment on the thread! 😀
  7. The Police Panic script is a simple Standalone script that allows Officers to tune into a “Panic Channel”, which allows them to receive Panic Button activations, as well as activate their own Panic Button. Once a Panic Button is activated, all tuned Officers will hear an Emergency tone, followed by the name of the Officer, their nearest street and cross street, as well as a large flashing blip on their map, with a flashing map route; these will only display for a few seconds.
  8. Inferno Collection: Police Panic Public Beta Version 1.21 The Police Panic script is a simple Standalone script that allows Officers to tune into a “Panic Channel”, which allows them to receive Panic Button activations, as well as activate their own Panic Button. Once a Panic Button is activated, all tuned Officers will hear an Emergency tone, followed by the name of the Officer, their nearest street and cross street, as well as a large flashing blip on their map, with a flashing map route; these will only display for a few seconds. Presently, the following can be customized: Cooldown time between activations Chat Messages Amount of time blip and route show for Toggleable reminder Auto tuning Based off of whitelist OR Based off of vehicles Toggleable notifications and chat suggestions Which players can use which command (via a whitelist). Choice of three whitelist options: Steam ID based JSON file Ace Permissions No whitelist Development Showcase Video Pictures Download Link https://github.com/inferno-collection/Police-Panic/releases Check out the Wiki for an installation guide, as well as to find out how to use the resource. If you have any troubles, suggestions, feedback, etc, please check the Wiki and/or create a new issue on GitHub. Thank you to our Alpha Testers, and their respective servers and players, for testing this resource: LurkingSpirit #8338 Tom | DutchGamingsHD15#7193 J. Hughesman #6922 Ovist#9081 FamalamJamalam#0001 Beerasaurus - Rex#9371 Trevor Cory#7451 The Inferno Collection Team ChristopherM Scott_UK FrozenN00b Interested in keeping up-to-date with what we are working on? Check out our roadmap. Why is this posted here and not in the download section? See here.
  9. Yeah for now, I can't find a way to change their color unfortunately.
  10. No not at all. The entire script is a server resource, so you add it to the server "and it works, it just works"
  11. Yeah definitely lol, I release everything I make; although this isn't ready to ship just yet, still needs some networking done to it. If you're asking whether it is a server resource, yes it is; if you're asking wether it will function entirely on a server script, then no, because a lot of the vehicle natives are client side only. Watch this space ;)
  12. Hello, As a non-management member, I should not be able to give out the "Awful" and "Amazing!" reactions, and this holds true for the most part. It appears on Image comments that I can add these reaction (notably not on normal posts), however, it does error out if I attempt to apply either of them, so the issue appears to be a visual one. Thanks, - Christopher
  13. Yeah I needed to do some more research into how to achieve that, which I have since done Here's what I have so far: https://streamable.com/k0ek6 I'll briefly run through how it works, thus far. Firstly, I dumped the objects/props altogether. Other than aesthetics, they served no real purpose, in that even though I was attaching my flashing lights to them, there was no viable bloom or corona, so it was a bit pointless: the light was attached to the object attached to the bone attached to the car - now the light is attached straight to the bone on the car, cutting out the middle man per se. I was also running into some strange Vector issues while the lights were attached to the object; something to do with the Forward Vector of the car vs. the Placement Vector of the object vs. the Placement Vector of the light and the Direction Vector of the light - long story short the lights were going out the completely wrong angle, and moved with the car exponentially (in the wrong directions). There are 4 'flashing lights', these are placed on the head and tail light bones of the vehicle in use, with the Placement Vector of the tail light lights of course being reversed (because we want them facing backwards ). At the moment, they are in a fixed flash pattern, however, I'm looking at making it a bit easier to make flash patterns, without needing to hard code them like they are currently. Another issue I ran into was the lights themselves, as the light native needs to be run per-frame in a loop, which normally would be fine, however, in order to achieve multiple flashing lights at once, they each had to be placed in their own Thread, which caused it own set of problems (namely, variable scope issues, because FiveM is a pain like that). At the moment, 4 Threads are created, they make the 4 lights flash, the Threads are destroyed, and the process repeats. This is not an ideal solution, as I'm not sure running a ton of threads is a great idea, from a stability standpoint anyways; but for now, it works. The actual 'light indication'/bloom/corona/etc, whatever you want to call it - this was the real pain in my arse. I settled for head/tail light color and flashing, because I could not for the life of me figure out how to create a corona effect. I even tried FX: nothin. If anyone has any idea how to create that effect at a coord/on an entity/etc, please, let me know Finally, the siren. In the video, I am using a clean copy of Luxart, modified (or as it sounds cooler to say, 'hacked') to replace the dependency on the native vehicle siren check to instead use my own. Other than doing this because it was cool to do so, it was actually a required step, because I could not find a way to change a vehicle's class on the fly, so the 'emergency vehicle' check always failed; additionally, Luxart works normally by using a vehicle's stock emergency lights, muting its default siren, and then placing its own, however, in our case, we don't have stock lights or siren, and thus failed that check as well. In the end, I more or less jerry-rigged it together using most of the Luxart code, with a splash of my own, and removed some of the unneeded stuff, like Fire Engine sirens (no undercover Engines, sowwy.) and it works, kinda. Also, the modded version of Luxart only affects the 'converted' vehicles, so running normal Luxart or ELS is not an issue. Two important things to note from the video: 1) You will notice traffic does not yield to me, this is because the siren is added on with code, and so are the lights, so as far as the AI is concerned, you are just a normal driver. While this is not really such a bad thing, in that in real life people are not great to yielding to undercover cars, there is also no easy fix, that I can find at least, and this really boils down to the vehicle class, which I have yet to find a way to set on the fly, as it is defined in the meta files for the vehicle. 2) There is a delay when turning on and off the lights. This is a result of the Multi-Threading I was talking about, and the variable scope BS. Long story short: Lights goes off, script unsets the variables, but the Threads have their own copy of the data, that is not updated until the Thread is destroyed and recreated (the delay you can see on-screen). I'll find a fix, later... maybe. 3) The lag was just my screen capture, the script runs very well, as only 0.1 - 0.4 ms of frame time. Anyway, that's what I have so far. [/nerd stuff]
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