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  1. 12 hours ago, SAPD Officer said:


    How do I edit the model? When I open up the .txd file, there are only interior and decal textures.


    You'd need to edit the DFF using 3ds Max or zModeler. You'd have to essentially template/UV Map the body so that there are no parts with the random colors left. This is the quick-n-dirty way to get that done, but it's not the proper way to do it. 

  2. I look at the model and the only major differences I see are the front wheel dummies are asymmetrical in location, the right front wheel dummy is not in the same place as the wheel object, and both the overall model dummy (in this case copcarla) as well as the chassis_dummy are not at their native 0, 0, 0 position. The front wheel dummies are closer together than the rear wheel dummies also. 

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  3. By far the easiest way to install most mods for single player or SA:MP is Mod Loader. You'll need an ASI loader, which should be auto-installed if you install CLEO 4.3. You can probably get a standalone ASI loader, but CLEO is used for a variety of single player scripts, so it would save you time down the road to use that. Modding for MTA San Andreas is a bit more of a pain since non-standard scripts (ASI and CLEO) are not loaded. 

  4. 7 hours ago, Lost_Soul said:

    Edit: I got and messed with it, it's really nice and easy to use. But I'm having an issue with the filling in tool. It's only filling one tiny section at a time. Is there a way to like pull the OUTLINE of everything WITHOUT all the triangles inside, so it's just a flat black and white drawing?


    Make a new layer, trace around the area you want to fill with the select area tools, use paint bucket to fill in area on new layer, profit

  5. What are you using to view the txd with? That ambulance is actually one of my releases and I use Magic TXD. @WolfSchultz might have a copy of the template to change the paint job to what you want. I do too just I am on my phone right now. 


    When you say you are viewing the txd are you looking at the actual txd file or are you looking at the model in 3ds/zmod trying to see textures on it there? 


    Changing lights out is relatively simple once you get an understanding of 3ds and a txd editor and we can work on that soon. 

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