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  1. I look at the model and the only major differences I see are the front wheel dummies are asymmetrical in location, the right front wheel dummy is not in the same place as the wheel object, and both the overall model dummy (in this case copcarla) as well as the chassis_dummy are not at their native 0, 0, 0 position. The front wheel dummies are closer together than the rear wheel dummies also.
  2. By far the easiest way to install most mods for single player or SA:MP is Mod Loader. You'll need an ASI loader, which should be auto-installed if you install CLEO 4.3. You can probably get a standalone ASI loader, but CLEO is used for a variety of single player scripts, so it would save you time down the road to use that. Modding for MTA San Andreas is a bit more of a pain since non-standard scripts (ASI and CLEO) are not loaded.
  3. All of you saying rotator lightbars are bad need to re-evaluate what they are doing with their life I for one hate the surfboard. The Vista, though, gets a pass since it's halogen & that's what Des Moines used for the longest time. I still want to add a Vista to my collection.
  4. Luckyx!! 😍😍 Missed you! Hope you are well!

    1. Lucky™


      Long to no see. I'm still alive so I would say so far so good lol

    2. ThatOneIowan


      Yup.... Agree on that one lol

  5. That is correct. I'm not planning a release in the near future for these
  6. This is the "quick" way to make templates for GTA San Andreas vehicles. I don't really recommend this method: the templates will NOT come out clean nor will they be ideal to work with, but it is a half-assed way to "git r' done".
  7. This tutorial covers the basics of the right hand side panel (I don't know the actual name) in 3ds Max 2010 in reference to GTA San Andreas modding. It is suggested that you familiarize yourself with 3ds Max 2010 before watching this tutorial which you can do here.
  8. This tutorial covers the basics of the materials editor in 3ds Max 2010 in reference to GTA San Andreas modding. It is suggested that you familiarize yourself with 3ds Max 2010 before watching this tutorial which you can do here.
  9. Here is a tutorial I made in May that describes the basics of navigating 3ds Max 2010, with a slight emphasis on GTA San Andreas modding. I am by no means a "tutorial-making" expert so it is probably not great, but should explain most functions needed.
  10. They would need model edits (uv mapping) to change colors. I don't think I've done any 3ds tutorials for that unfortunately. Most of the stuff I have released is unlocked (aside from my last few newer releases): https://GTAInside.com/user/1nickbrick
  11. Should be able to find me using "thatoneiowan" or "ThatOneIowan" most anywhere I have an account. Except my RuneScape which is 1nickbrick but I haven't been on in a while
  12. From the album: thatoneiowan's Gallery

    2011 Subuaru Forester sporting equipment used by the City of Las Barrancas' Utilities Department
  13. This is a good question. I sat thinking about this for far longer than I want to admit. I'm not really a fan of the bigger cities, but I would say probably San Fierro would be my favorite if I had to choose. Favorite county would definitely be the Flint County/Whetstone area. I love the trees and water features built in. My only regret is that it is very rural, and the highway/road connections are few and far in between, which is why Red County comes as a close second. My favorite small town is probably Fort Carson, since it is large enough to have more than 3 streets and has both dedicated residential and commercial zones, and just "feels like" Small Town USA with City Hall right in the middle of Main Street (or whatever the main north/south road is).
  14. Here is the San Andreas Ultimate Law Enforcement mega-pack I had thrown together over the course of a year and a half a few years ago. Vehicles in it are in various states of completion (details below) but it has a large amount of resources available for people wanting to build their parts inventory or work more on their modding skills. It will likely be perpetually in an "unfinished" state. I think this was originally uploaded around the beginning of 2017 but I felt it never really got a true release... until now. SCREENSHOTS: Bone County http://imgur.com/a/AJhoc Flint County http://imgur.com/a/TnWjW Las Venturas http://imgur.com/a/VnNvU Los Santos http://imgur.com/a/29w6f Red County http://imgur.com/a/fZbmf Screenshots not available for SF units or State units This is an alpha release for numerous vehicles I've made starting January 2016. Please contact me with bugs and I will fix (this includes vehicles that do not have SA plates/plates that can be changed via script). Readme The main goal for this is two things - first off, it's something that can be used as needed without having to hunt for packs or cars that look well together. It can be used permanently, temporarily while working on another pack, or just whenever. Secondly, I've converted a decent fraction of the lights used to breathe new light into this old game, and have made some lighting equipment as well. Ultimately, the end product would have SAMP compatible plates for those on RP servers, and provide a great resource for people wanting to learn how to make minor model edits, such as ELM mapping or adding/removing parts. As a public alpha, please email me with bug reports or if vehicles don’t have SA plates (not all of them will, I lost track of which do and which don’t.) As stated below, templates are NOT provided as this is an alpha release (and to save the filesize a bit). DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/tbcga6iqcd844os/Ultimate_San_Andreas_Law_Enforcement_Megapack_ALPHA_0-1-1.rar Departments included: Credits:
  15. Love the "unusual" choices - the highway helper/safety service patrol truck and the coast guard truck in particular!
  16. I only remember doing the Ford pickup and maybe getting the templates for the other two. Either way looks good
  17. Make a new layer, trace around the area you want to fill with the select area tools, use paint bucket to fill in area on new layer, profit
  18. The ELM siren support in SAMP went away when SAMP added custom audio streams, if I recall correctly.
  19. I'm curious to see how far everyone got playing the game's original missions. I'll be the first to admit I never completed a playthrough and the furthest I have gotten was somewhere in the LV casino mission storyline at 4 Dragons. And that was with cheats...
  20. How are you always one step ahead of me I use 2010
  21. What are you using to view the txd with? That ambulance is actually one of my releases and I use Magic TXD. @WolfSchultz might have a copy of the template to change the paint job to what you want. I do too just I am on my phone right now. When you say you are viewing the txd are you looking at the actual txd file or are you looking at the model in 3ds/zmod trying to see textures on it there? Changing lights out is relatively simple once you get an understanding of 3ds and a txd editor and we can work on that soon.
  22. I've not taken any decent pictures recently, but here's one from when the county got its first 2016 Explorer which were still new to the state Boone County Sheriff's Office by Nick Glenn, on Flickr
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