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  1. the only way to do that is what 1NickBrick said... you need to open the .dff, UV map, unwrap, then paint it whatever color you want it.
  2. PArescueEMT


    @Ray you would know... Lol @Trump releasing that skin/ped???
  3. I didn't give them a cut... They didn't realize the assistance they gave.
  4. I played other servers, but I did play FC:RP and was running Austins gang behind his back while targeting Geordie Taylor's Marshals Car with my vehicle theft ring with the help of BCFD
  5. I pre-date GPM owned SA:MP servers. I bailed before the P:LA rollout, but did have my hands in a couple of the original "official" mods for it.
  6. Most models I have and have released are unlocked models. The error you mentioned is one I have seen on occasion when trying to convert a model from 3Ds to Zmod. I agree with the above about trying to find 3DsMax 2010 or 2011. I still have my KamsMaxScript to do the conversions if you need it.
  7. Haven't DLd yet, but is there an included template by chance?
  8. City: SF in the Easter Basin area County: Flint County in the Blueberry area Oh, and @Ray, LV sucks... XD
  9. i have to get you the workaround on the .txd hack, but I can say that with the way that looks, there are a few small things I would suggest. Feel free to hit me by DM, PM or here if you are interested. I only do Texture modding now FYI so adding the LB is not something I can do for you.
  10. well, as I said yesterday @Ray the game needs a lot of optimization. I see a ton of potential in it, but I also see that there is a lot of work needed to get the game on the money.
  11. shift+left click on the color you want highlighted, ctrl+x to cut it, switch to new layer, ctrl+v to paste on that layer. That will give you the template
  12. ELM is not compatible with motorcycles. Many have tried to map motorcycle mods, but there was never any success.
  13. That was for full server, Client side siren sounds should still work. They just wouldn't be cast over the server sounds.
  14. I know that the Mordeki ELM has a Client side siren mod built in, also, there are plenty of siren mods for SA out there. As for the all american ambulance, that is one that I don't have. It might be possible that our resident mod horder, @yakadoshi, might have some more insight to that. I will dig through my hoard of SA mods and see if I can come up with something close. I also am intending to upload the Mordeki ELM next for people to use in SA next.
  15. I still have Dev parts too, I just don't have 3ds Max anymore and I used 2010 with KAMS Max Script, but I do know people who used 2011 and 2012 for SA modding
  16. As I said, Start simple. Start doing Skins. move on from there. Don't let things intimidate you. Face it head on.
  17. I will return later tonight to help you @Lost_Soul
  18. if you are going to build a scratch built ambulance, I would start with the model, then move on to adding dummies. Once that is done, you need to assign materials and UV Map your model. After all that is done, you have only created you .dff... This is the point to move on to your .txd Do you have a program that will allow you to vies the .txd file or no?
  19. I have seen the Vision SLR in person. It is an extremely impressive bar when it comes to brightness. The features it has are impressive as well. It was one of the first multi color LED bars released, it is also the ONLY Rotating lightbar on the market now. FS did a great job coming up with the flash patterns for it to include a rotating version of a traffic adviser in amber from the bar that is highly effective. When it comes to the cost... yes. It is highly expensive. Yet if you consider the amount of tech that was put into it, I can understand the price.
  20. the expensive but epic Federal Signal Vision SLR
  21. nothing beats SA for RP... that's it. end of story.
  22. children... please behave. I really have a headache and am not up for the fighting... LOL
  23. I still love TS3 and prefer using it for RP things. I have even begun to consider incorporating Zello for Emergency Services radio since you can't step on each other during traffic. IMHO, TS still wins in VC since it can be locally hosted and doesn't have to rely on "public hosts" and the Discord bandwidth restrictions. Discord is fine for use as a smaller community Forum with VC capability, but I don't like it for RP.

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