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  1. When I was playing GTA V, I usually preferred to hang around Paleto Bay or Sandy Shores. Sometimes wandered up north a bit into the mountains for a change of scenery.
  2. Howdy Christopher, Depending on the device you're using, or the size of the window you're viewing the site in, it can impact on how content is displayed as we're using a theme that dynamically resizes content on the fly. Unfortunately, that also means things could end up being truncated to fit the design/display elements. Furthermore, some descriptions may not have much in them either.
  3. Ah, I have no problems with rotators. My issue is with the stupid bracket and pop up TA the provincial police use.
  4. Welcome to Quebec, we'll see the Aussies and add a flip up traffic advisor.
  5. Looks interesting. Would love to look at the database back-end (server nerd here).
  6. For dinner, think I'd invite the following folks: My great uncle. He served in the 2nd world war and my grandmother always said he had a great story to tell. Stephen Hawking: This guy was the the greatest mind of the century, I'd love to trade anecdotes.
  7. mike_art03a


    Not too crazy about pineapple myself. But I can live with ham on mine. That being said, I prefer either all dressed or good old fashioned pepperoni and cheese.
  8. For now, as mentioned in a previous discussion. Just post it up in the right section of the forums. Sadly, our downloads section doesn't allow for outside download links to be used in-lieu of uploading a file to our server. I won't get into the reasoning behind it, just how it works.
  9. Very interesting stuff. I've always had a bit of a fascination with different fire panels at different work sites I've been to over the years. Here's hoping people are willing to help expand it across Los Santos!
  10. Account terminated due stealing and redistributing public content without proper credits or permission, and/or claiming credit.

  11. Look at Mr. Money bags here. In all seriousness, not a bad looking setup. Think I'll stick with my laptop as I'm at work on 7 day rotations. So a desktop is kinda useless for me. As for my laptop, she ain't fancy, but she works. Model - Alienware 17 R3 - 2016 CPU - Intel Core i7 6820HK @ 2.7Ghz (Clocked down to 2.5Ghz to help with thermal management) RAM - 16GB G.Skill TridentZ DDR4-2133 (Replaced OEM 8gb sticks, I ain't paying $350 for a 16GB factory upgrade when it cost me $120 for these). GPU - nVidia Geforce GTX 980M 8GB (Speccy reads it as 4GB, lol) OS - Windows 10 Pro (Gotta have my Hyper-V for virtualization) Storage - 1x Intel 600 series NVMe SSD - 480GB, OEM HDD died a few months ago. Display - Built-in standard 1080p 60hz display (could've ordered the 4k option, but not worth the $800 price tag) Keyboard - Built-in Alienware RGB keyboard. Mouse - Logitech MX Master, wireless
  12. Gah, I dread seeing the OPP in the rear-view as I have personalized Quebec plates on my car. Alot of officers still don't know that Quebec started allowing personal plates this summer.
  13. Given that GTA Online was a new thing with GTA V, they'll probably start everyone off from scratch again. I mean, new place, new face. Right? Otherwise, they may let you port over a character and say maybe a percentage of money and a car or two?
  14. Howdy folks! Just your local friendly Canuck (Canadian) and Support Staff member here. I really don't have much of a modding background in terms of GTA (used 'em, never created any), but I've given the odd the opinion or commentary for folks who needed a 2nd opinion (like @Carper) . I'm more of a lurker than an active poster, but I'll say something when I feel the need to. That being said, I'm here more for general community support in regards to issues with the site, VIP subscriptions, etc. Feel free to message me here or on Discord (same name) if you run into any headaches or have any questions! Other than that, have a great one, eh!
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