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  1. I ended up copying a couple lines in the config from another file that had them enabled. However it didn’t actually end up working as I thought it would. It only made the tail lights flash, they only flashed at the same time and not in a wig wag pattern, and for some reason it only worked at stage 1 not 2 or 3. Hopefully it will eventually be an added feature either to this pack, or to DLS as a whole.
  2. That I’m not sure. I don’t really know anything about DLS other than it seems to allow for realistic flash patterns and better lighting stages. I think that would be a great option though. I kinda wish in some ways you could turn off yielding at all stages, since in real life many people don’t yield. What would be really cool is if some people pulled over and some didn’t. I’m rambling though and that’s probably too complicated for someone to script.
  3. I'll admit, I was nervous about the switch to a different lighting system. But this has blown my mind, this is such an improvement over ELS I can't believe it. The different patterns at different stages, and most importantly the rear only lighting stage is amazing. My only complaint would be the lack of wig wags on the CVPI, and the lack of flashing tail lights. This however may be a limitation of DLS at the moment, or maybe there's a way to enable it I missed. Regardless, 10/10 would abandon ELS again.
    Holy F those cars are amazing. Incredibly realistic, especially flash patterns.
  4. Will the charger be added to the pack eventually, or will it be a marketplace release?
    Thank you for adding something that has been sorely missing from LSPDFR. Even for someone who never plays as a firefighter, police frequently attend fires and accidents so this adds some much needed variety.
  5. Oscar499

    RCMP Taurus Responding

    That is the most beautiful, and most accurate RCMP Taurus I’ve ever seen.
    Just incredible, by far the best RCMP pack ever released for GTA.
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