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Everything posted by L1MITED

  1. Lightpattern is almost done, left DRL flashes fine ingame but got bugged in R* Editor https://streamable.com/suche
  2. Looks like the pushbar could use some calculating of normals and then some smoothing
  3. Been a bit dead in here so figured I should post something Uniforms are by @MickeyJD
  4. Thank you! and the taillights are not the ones from the released version, I'm using Matt's improved charger base Thank you for the kind words
  5. What do ya'll think about the new Need For Speed game that has been recently announced? I quite like it so far from what I've seen. It might be the first NFS game I'm considering to get since 2013 as I've been somewhat disappointed in the last NFS titles.
  6. Thank you and I use VisualV as my graphicsmod. Thank you, really appreciate it!
  7. Got bored and threw this together
  8. Here are some of my photos of the police in my city
  9. While taking a break from O.P.P for numerous issues I started making an Monterey County Sheriff Charger.
  10. I'm still waiting for the licenseplate to be finished by a friend of mine
  11. Pictures of the fixed DRLs and taillights
  12. Currently working on an O.P.P pack. (Im aware that the charger DRLs are a bit bright in the pics, its fixed now)
  13. Its a lot of fun, got lucky on roulette, went 5000 on green and won 180000
  14. I guess this is where I showcase whatever I'm working on?
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