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  1. Could be an older call-out throwing the error. Try only added the most up to date call-outs and see if it works from there
  2. God I love the new download system. Thanks so much @FiveTwelve
  3. welcome my friend, glad you could join us
  4. From the video you've embed, the mod itself isn't actually loading at all. If it loaded you would see either success or error messages, in this case neither is appearing. I would completely start over in a new folder, latest fivem update then redownload fivepd. Myself I've never experienced such issue as this however couple of friends have, seemed as if they were installing wrong as I went onto their hosts and did everything and I didn't encounter any issues or errors. If you keep having this issue and you've exhausted all routes of contact, feel free to DM me and I'll try to assist by sending a fully setup server that I run off my dedicated dev server
  5. i have some memes from hidden-roast-ray channel on discord. @Carper, @Twurtleee , and myself we made some good funny memes
  6. Go to the database (SQL) and change yourself to admin. Looks like your computer monitor is smaller than 1920x1080 Suggest watching
  7. make sure to set yourself as admin or enter the admin code (found in the config)
  8. NotCamSlice


    You’ll need to add any addon police car names into the json file
  9. They are dictated by the callouts
  10. In you can change this yourself in en.json
  11. Using a VPN to connect to his country won't have any affect on MDT lagging. It's more likely his computer can't handle GTA V, I can already tell he runs everything on low or off
  12. this isn't FivePD related. You will need to ask this question on the FiveM Forums
  13. Yeah change the models within the game
  14. I would do a complete fresh install and make sure you're not loading any old callouts. As seen some old callouts have been causing the mod not to work
  15. Our servers ports are 3005 for latest version of the mod. It could be that but unsure as never seen this port issue before nor can we repeat the same error. The mod tries to connect to our servers if it can't it will throw that error. Just checked the servers are both of ours are online so its on your end. This isn't on installation because its client side issue, not ours
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