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  1. The backup now doesn't follow the unit when its accepted. I've seen in some servers it still does and in mind it did. Instead it now take them to the call location. example; The location would be a drunk driver.. it wont show them or the unit on the map, you could be miles away and request backup and it will take the other units to the callers location.
  2. Since a new update the backup menu is not working when you press 'Z'. If you are on controller it will let you access it from the back button. But no key on the keyboard will work. I could really use some help here as its driving me mad.
  3. Unfortunately after hours of file fixing, due to the latest update... This file now makes the MGT stop working. Can you please make an updated version.. its such a good pack... put does not work no more
  4. Yeah i can't find a way to fix it. Really stressing me out.
  5. When i ask for backup in the 'Z' menu, it doesn't always let other officers attach. Most of the time they have to do it through the mgt. When they accept the back up request it will send them either to the Job that the officer is responding too or his last known. How do i get it so the backup waypoint follows the officer?

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