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  1. thats really cool, admittedly ive been waitin for someone to do one of these but never thought to request it anywhere. ELS or not I shall use soon assuming i can make it into a singleplayer car without issue
  2. its mods like these that have been tempting me to reinstall san andreas
  3. it is possible to edit, my point was its just a real pain to do so because of the fact A. it overlays everything B. it ONLY aligns to the left side of the screen it really takes away a lot of what can be done, or what I'd like to do, with it. I figured it was worth a shot to ask anyways.
  4. Apparently GPM doesnt like it when I submit something and then immediately notice and try to fix my own grammar errors, so here's what I tried to fix posted in a comment instead. EDIT: I suppose it's worth mentioning, No I can't move everything to the right side, which I would prefer if you could. if moved to the right side of the screen, everything would just run off the screen entirely. Trust me I tried, it doesn't work. From what I can tell, there is no way to revert it or anything like that to align to the right.
  5. RSML (RageShowMyLocation because holy shit who wants to type all that so its called RSML for now) is probably the only player location display mod that both displays your location, and comes equipped with a speedometer that doesn't crash your game, though to be fair it could be more accurate on speed limits around san andreas as a whole. On top of this, it also has a functional in game clock, and the most important for me, A BACKGROUND to see it during the day, and the ability to adjust the size and position on screen in real time in game. However, it's quite the pain in the ass to do so, and that's putting it nicely. RSML frequently overlays HUD elements, specifically dialog or popup menus which can be problematic when checking for ped IDs/license plates, or taking a statement or asking questions with Stop the Ped or PeterUCallouts, because of this, adjusting it to work both visually and ergonomically can be a hassle, either you make it SUPER SUPER small, or you put it in the most inconvenient of places, either too far out of the way to notice it or too much in the way to look past it. I guess what i'm looking for is some severe updates or just a complete recreation of the mod. I would've contacted the author by now but from my 10-second investigating, this mod hasn't been updated in over two years nor has the mod author been active at all since early July of this year. If not updates, then some advice or tips on where to look for a new mod similar to this, or someone who can help me actually get a configuration that both works for me visually and doesn't overlap the living crap out of my screen. Link to RSML: https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/8576-rageshowmylocation-0172202048-speed-limit-color-distinction-of-road-types-citycounty-street-name-heading-player-speed-time-coordsxyz-zone/ Screenshot of my current, quite uncomfortable yet barely manageable setup: (look in the bottom left corner) I honestly don't expect much of, if anything at all, to come out of posting this but, what the hell, it's worth a shot. EDIT: I suppose it's worth mentioning, No I can't move everything to the right side, which I would prefer, because like most of this post, everything is glued to the left side, which means the street name display, if moved to the right side of the screen, would just run off the screen entirely. Trust me I tried, it doesn't work.
  6. i like it that GPM actually allows ways to both award and revoke reputation, whereas on other sites your limited to only boosting someone's reputation, really adds a two way street to it.
  7. see a department that just happens to be a town in idaho, then my hopes are crushed when its another state jk, skins look good, may use later!
  8. one of the very few times side runners are used right.
  9. New medal has been added to your account.

    Thank you

  10. Hello, and welcome to my channel! I am just a native Idahoan, avid gamer, and strong thin blue line supporter. In time, YouYube will hopefully become a full time career. I upload mostly gaming content, and a rare vlog or two as well. Feel free to subscribe! I upload as often as I can. *PC SPECS* Acer Predator G3-710 Acer Predator Stock Motherboard Acer Predator 32GB Stock RAM NVidia GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Intel Core i7 7700 4.2GHz *PERIPHERALS* Blue Yeti BLACKOUT USB Mic Corsair HS50 Headset Xbox One Controller *SOFTWARE* Movavi Video Editor 14 Streamlabs OBS Audacity I use a Samsung Galaxy Note8 set to FHD 60FPS for my Vlogs. Any console gameplay comes from an Xbox console. Don't trust YouTube to notify you when I upload? Want to see updates and chat with me behind the scenes? Join my discord! All links can be found down below. I hope you enjoy your time on my channel! Again, feel free to subscribe if you like what you watch.
  11. aaand like that im convinced to load lspdfr for the first time in 4 days
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